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Mobiconnect is an award winning, fully hosted and managed platform that offers coded and customisable features to build web and mobile apps for all devices.


With Mobiconnect you can build solutions such as native or hybrid mobile apps, web portals such as customer portals, logistics and delivery cloud systems with live driver and map tracking. Features also include a ready content management publishing platform to send users news, articles on your mobile apps. Being a zero code platform there are many different solutions we can enable quite quickly.

Mobiconnect comes fully hosted and managed and also has a beautiful simple content management system. It also comes with a ready made suite of modules, so you can launch your web, mobile or apps for any screen easily.

These ready to market features include an “Alerts” module. 

Alerts are the best way to get the user’s attention to a particular task, event or it can even be a reminder. We can classify alerts into two broad categories, “In-app alerts“ and “Push notifications“. In this section we will look into in-app alerts. For push notifications check out our push notifications section.

In-app alerts appear to user when they are active on the app, typically in the form of a popup or a full screen UI. In-app alerts are highly contextual and best suited to deliver alerts based on user activity.

The Mobiconnect platform provides easy APIs to achieve this with the following features:

  • Rich alerts with images, video and personalised messages delivered to the users.

  • Schedule your alerts for particular time.

  • No need to send a blanket alert to every one. Target your alerts to a particular device type or a geo-segment.

For those who use our platform, here is a simple guide for how to use the “Alerts” module.

For those interested in how you can leverage Mobiconnect for your business or start up, speak to our friendly team who will talk you through how it works. No stress!

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  • Great post thanks for sharing this valuable piece of information with us all. As we all are aware of the fact that notifications are the backbone of any app bo matter what nature it has. So using the notification module while developing an app is also necessary and you’re sharing a proper way to use this module.
    Nice work keep it up.

    • Great comments! Yes Push Notifications are very important including sending location based messages, relevant activity based messaging etc. Good luck. If you need a hand with any project please reach out to our team. Cheers

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