Bush Support Services

A tool for the remote health workforce of Australia


“Initiate conversations. Advocate for change.
Prevent bullying. Empower individuals”

CRANAplus is the peak professional body for the remote and isolated health workforce of Australia. Offering free and confidential telephone counselling service for rural and remote area health professionals and their families. Our task was to come up with a mobile led solution that extends the Cranaplus offering to remote and isolated health workers.

The Insight

Educate, Inform and Empower

CRANAplus exists to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality primary healthcare to remote and isolated areas of Australia. Remotely located Australians suffer a much greater burden of disease than other Australians. Health professionals working in remote Australia work in some of the most geographically, professionally and socially isolating environments in the world. This requires them to be resourceful, have an advanced scope of practice, as well as public health knowledge and skills to work cross culturally. It’s important we recognise the psychological impacts of bullying on an individual, especially when you’re working in remote place where calling out for help can be quite challenging.

How do we create something that is a useful utility and a tool for remote health workers?

The Experience

Help at your fingertips

The CRANAPlus Bush Support Service teamed up with Mobiddiction and we produced the Bush Support Services mobile App delivered for iPhone and Android users working closely with senior expert psychologists and professionals.

One of our key objectives was to craft an “easy to use – utility based” solution that provides the right steps in different Bullying related scenarios. The BSS solution works as a tool to help identify problems and helps create an action plan to deal with a situation within the app. Available to download for all remote and rural health practitioners and their families, the platform is to help initiate change in workplace and empowering users with the right tools, resourcing and information when it comes to workplace Bullying.

The core focus of the app was to deliver a solution that provides useful information about Bullying, the process for prevention and responding to workplace Bullying, recognising that timely help is very important the app provides help information including access to a 24 hour helpline by the touch of a button and an action plan with useful contact and resources The app has an in-built helpline button that calls directly to Bush Support Services.

We achieved utility by providing both online and offline interface with the latest information about bullying, how to prevent and respond to any kind of bullying, ability to diagnose their own situation through articles and expert advice. A quick guide is also provided to users to refer to with instructions on how to use the app and where all the information is located.

STAARBush Support Services App wins STARR Top Award

We are delighted to share that the CRANAplus Bush Support Services Remote Health Workplace Bullying App won the 2016 STAAR ‘Healthier Workplace Award’.



  • Advocating individuals about the dangers of Bullying
  • Online and offline functionality that is at hand

  • Easy & quick to use interface
  • Access to resources, help and action