CEVA Real Time Event Capture

Mobilising business


Deliver on Real-Time-Event-Capture

The RTEC mobility solution was born out of a want from CEVA to streamline their existing desktop & paper based activities and move them to a mobility solution, which interfaced with CEVA ERP system and MobiConnect.

Ceva Logisitcs is one of the worlds leading supply chain management companies providing industry-leading solutions in both freight and contract logistics. With over 42,000 employees world-wide and 17 different regional clusters Ceva Logistics is a company with a lot of process.

Ceva’s Australian operation wanted to embark on innovating and providing efficiency to it’s Vehicle Logistics business by using mobile to create Real Time Event Capture (RTEC) for customers adding efficiency, quality and competitive positioning within the transport industry.

“Streamline our process to make them real time, personal and most importantly accountable.”

The Insight

Let’s mobilise the experience

The brief was large but with one basic premise lets make the process for drivers, carriers, yard staff and agents simpler, more accountable and faster.

Let’s mobilise the experience.

To do this Ceva Logistics in Australia engaged agency partners’ Mobiddiction, to help scope, architect, build and manage this mobility solution.

Key things that had to be accomplished were:

  • Mapping the whole process behind vehicle pick ups and drop offs alongside the complexity of these being compromised of multiple legs.
  • Implementation of a native Rapid Response UX framework
  • Helping find & decide on a mobile device that’s durable and has robust in-built barcode scanning functionalities
  • Choosing an operating system which allowed for easy remote deployment to field staff along with facilitating app updates
  • Implementation digital signatures
  • Implementation offline capabilities
  • Ensuring a robust security layer was implemented

The Experience


Our core audience for this mobility solution are drivers, carriers, yard staff and agents. They are all busy and work within rugged environments.

In creating the user experience we needed to simplify a mutli-layered supply chain process and provide a fast mobile experience, ensure the interface was simple and allowed for rapid entry of manifests which included assessment’s and surveys of vehicles and was custom built for the Moto TC 55 Andoird phone.

To achieve this we build a UX layer called the “Rapid Response” UX framework. This ensured everything we built minimised steps, was fast and had offline capabilities. This whole UX layer also need to interface with the proprietary Motorolla Bar code scanner ensuring this felt like part of the app that we deployed.

Core features we designed into this app are:

  • Task allocation with location arrival & location delivery of stock which could be compromised of multiple legs
  • Inventory checking & reporting based on user manifests
  • Assessment & survey of vehicles with an in-app marking & photo capture directly interfaces with their internal ERP CPOD system
  • Fatigue Management and compliance management resources
  • Digital signatures

When it comes to user experience, consistency is paramount. When building the interactivity within this app, we didn’t want the user to be more than two or three clicks away from performing any actions. This led us to create a grid-based interface, which provided a clear menu mechanism and content sections, which focussed users in on relevant actions, activities and utilities.


  • Integration with an Enterprise ERP System
  • A rapid response UX framework
  • Integration with the proprietary Motorolla scanner
  • Trigger based notifications
  • Mobiconnect powered surveys and staff interaction