Mobile Media Monitoring Solution


Real-Time News and Media Monitoring

For business, knowing what is happening in your category, managing your corporate reputation and being able to quickly share information across the business is extremely important…Speed  and real-time mobile access to information is key. Isentia is a Global leader in Media Monitoring and their next big transformation was moving their product into the mobile medium.

“Available to all of Isentia’s Mediaportal clients, the app provides personalised notifications and media reporting capabilities anywhere and any time.”

The Insight

People are more comfortable using what they recognise

For adoption of the app to succeed it was extremely important that the user experience and user interface design felt familiar. We used Material Design as the backbone of the UX/UI for both Android and iOS as the solution architecture and design delivered an experience that was simple to use, simple to follow and let the focus be on content.

Isentia clients could now access their essential news, social media coverage and trends while on the go, providing immediate response to issues and real-time insights when they happened.

The Experience

Always on Access to Information

For the Isnetia app Mobiddiction adapted key functionalities of its media monitoring solution to work optimally for people on mobile. In addition the mobile experience itself helped to further enhance what could be achieved.

  • Review and access all relevant media coverage, with new items delivered to the app straight away.
  • Share news stories and build PDF coverage reports to share with stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with other team members by commenting on articles that require action or a change in strategy.
  • Receive notifications throughout the day on important media coverage or comments.
  • Track coverage trends in the Analytics Dashboard.

Available free of charge to all of Isentia’s Mediaportal clients, the solution provides personalised notifications and media reporting capabilities anywhere and any time.


  • Integration with Nodejs API’s
  • A rapid response UX framework
  • Material Design
  • Trigger based notifications
  • Charting integration with Highcharts