PWC Project TOTO

A secure mobile engagement platform for PWC staff


Priming Staff For Change

With new state of-the-art Activity Based Working (ABW) offices soon to open in Barangaroo, PWC wanted to prime its staff for the change. Not only would the new environment be significantly different from the last but so would the way it empowered people to work.

“PWC staff were moving into a space specifically designed to promote activity based working and the expectation, in terms of what this meant for them needed to be managed.”

The Insight

People Are Not Comfortable With What They Don’t Understand

PWC wanted a solution that would enable their Innovations and Technology team to keep everybody up-to-date and engaged with what was happening. A solution through which open communication and and feedback could be securely solicited.

The solution TOTO, a secure mobile engagement platform for all staff. Powered by our Mobiconnect platform TOTO enables PWC’s Communications and Innovations to reach and engage with staff members via their mobile phone to ensure no one was left unclear about what was happening.

Integration with existing PWC ICT was crucially important.

The Experience

Seamless Integration

TOTO required a simple defined suite of communication enablers and integration with PWC’s member identity system. This enables PWC to:

  • Post News and information to staff that can be bookmarked, liked and responded to.
  • Events Calendar & Social Aggregator empowering conversations around ABW & PwC.
  • Member segmentation based on geography, department and title. Allowing communication to be highly targeted.
  • Integration with the Mobile Iron MDM solution so it could be deployed across the work force.
  • Creation of an AI Bot called Toto built to answer staff questions and gather knowledge & trends.


  • Integration with the Mobile Iron MDM solution
  • A rapid response UX framework
  • An AI based Chatbot
  • Trigger based notifications
  • Mobiconnect powered surveys and staff interaction