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Ai-Media’s Visible Classroom draws on the principles of ‘Visible Learning’ established by Professor John Hattie. In Visible Learning, Hattie notes that teaching and learning is too often hidden and characterised by high levels of teacher talk with little reflection on the impact of teaching on students.

Visible Classroom is an application that enhances teaching quality by enabling teachers to record their lessons and receive personalised feedback to help shape their teaching practice.

Mobiddiction consulted with Ai-Media and assisted by rebuilding their Visible Classroom program.

Enhancing the usability with solid design thinking principles applied, and redesigning the user experience was a key requirement in the revamping of the Visible Classroom solution.

Professional development for teachers helping improve teaching quality


Reducing teacher talk time is critical for presenting students with opportunities for deep learning. Talk speed impacts the amount of information a student can process. Until now, direct teaching metrics have not been available to teachers. With Visible Classroom, teachers can easily reflect on their teaching practice and track progress over time.

The improved program not only provides a more intuitive journey for teachers, but also includes entitlements tracking to improve efficiency for the operational delivery of the service being provided. The Visible Classroom solution now highlights the most valuable metrics to teachers.

Personalised video tips are more prominently featured within the program, allowing teachers to take on feedback more quickly and comprehensively.

The improved dashboard layout allows teachers to understand their performance at a glance and seek further clarification within the application.

Visible Classroom – Features

  • Enhanced Onboarding
  • Updated login experience
  • Overall changes to navigation
  • Simple one-step process for recording and uploading lessons for analysis
  • In-application analytics, including Fabric and Google Analytics

Home Screen

Features the latest user stats and metrics from the most recent recorded lessons. Also includes dynamic messaging based on the user’s lifecycle to help guide and encourage.

Free Trial

Customers can now undertake a free trial that allows them to upload their first lesson and receive basic metrics before requesting to upgrade their account for full functionality.

Customer Feedback

Ai-Media are always looking for ways to improve our service and assist teachers. Receive feedback more easily with in-App prompts.

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Empowering teachers to improve teaching by providing talk time and talk speed metrics to see their impact in the classroom.