The Brief

Captive WiFi

Content & Analytics

Enterprise Scale

A truly connected stadium experience

Our brief was to develop a captive portal technology platform to allow punters at the game to connect to the internet, engage with each other and brand sponsors using any connected device.

The solution needed to be enterprise scale to support the transactional load of a capacity crowd at the stadium.

“We wanted to give the crowd an interactive playground
where they could share their experience with others.”


For ANZ Stadium we had two core audiences – the punters and the brand sponsors who help provide this service.

For the punter, we needed to develop something that was light touch, not too intrusive to let them access Wi-Fi quickly.

 For brand sponsors, we needed to give them maximum coverage and provide a true 1:1 experience where they could start a conversation with customers.

Based on Need State and Customer Journey planning, we identified Relevance and Social CRM as core need states. Using these insights, we developed a creative platform and methodology called Light-touch experiences to facilitate interaction between customers and brand sponsors for no more than 30 seconds after which customers can choose whether they want to carry on the conversation or continue watching and sharing experiences.

Solution mapping & integration


A light-touch response UX framework


Event publishing and rich analytics

Content & Analytics

CRM capabilities for re-targetting


The experience

At its core the ANZ Stadium is a captive portal solution with CRM and Analytics capabilities, powered by our enterprise grade, platform as a service (PaaS),  Mobiconnect. The solution is hosted and managed as a cloud based service, whilst still providing a native experience for the devices accessing it. Content is tailored to event attendees and the platform provides insights back to the business.

The focus behind the portal was to deliver Relevance and Brand Value by focussing on:

  • A minimalistic and simple design which allows for easy sponsor integration;
  • Responsive design which scales for all devices;
  • Full content management capabilities;
  • Ability to create CRM based activities like competitions and Social Media activations.

The end result was that event attendees could connect to the portal, access complimentary Wi-Fi and upon connecting, have the opportunity to engage with a brand sponsor or Stadium Event while also access ANZ Stadium utilities and features. After this experience the attendee is free to choose their own journey.

Try it for yourself!

Next time you’re at ANZ Stadium, connect to their Captive Wi-Fi.

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