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The world’s first App designed to assist livestock producers calculate drought and supplementary feed rations.

Mobiddiction partnered with the NSW Department of Primary Industries to build the world’s first application designed to assist farmers with calculating drought and supplementary feed rations. While the previous Drought Feed Calculator helped users easily and quickly determine the minimum feed requirement for a range of livestock, a more robust end-to-end solution was required to support and provide farmers with pasture calculations and ‘Supplementary feeding’ to help develop rations in dry periods as well periods leading into and out of drought. Therefore, giving the Drought & Supplement Feed Calculator (DASFC) a much greater functionality than the previous tool.

“We have built the Drought Feed Calculator to assist producers with making the most of the available feed and increase their returns – NSW DPI”


The DASFC is an essential tool for sheep and cattle producers to develop drought feed rations as well as rations for dry periods when supplementary feeding is required. The tool calculates the individual feed quantities and auger timings needed when making single and mixed rations and when feeding out. It is designed to calculate the requirements of different sized mobs and feeding frequencies. It also contains a handy summary page and outputs can be saved and easily shared with others.


  • Compare different supplementary feeds to assess which is best.
  • Compare and develop mixed rations containing five feeds.


  • Assess if pasture is sufficient to feed your livestock or if a supplementary feed is required.
  • Calculate quantities and feed-out timings for different sized mobs/herds and feeding schedules.
  • Calculate the amount of feed required for different livestock classes.
  • Calculate the costs of different feeding options.
Mobiddiciton: View Outputs screen


  • Develop rations for different cattle and sheep classes and grazing stages.
  • Develop rations to meet livestock growth targets.
  • Save and clone mobs/herds.
  • Track feed quantities using an inbuilt feed inventory.
  • Share the farm feeding schedule with workers.
  • Save individual feed test in the ‘my feeds database’

Simple yet intuitive mobile and web interface using Hybrid technology

Mobiddiction continues to support and manage the DASFC mobile solution. We also worked with the team at DPI-NSW to launch a web based capability for online users. You can find the link here to the web version.

Mobile & Web Ready solution

DASFC was designed to help farmers calculate drought and supplementary feed rations for sheep and cattle.

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