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Digitising Client Service Plans at ESV

ESV engaged Mobiddiction to consult, design and develop an internal digital tool. The brief was to simplify and digitise how client information is captured, managed and secured. The result is the ESV Web Application: An easy to use, yet comprehensive and robust internal client service methodology.

ESV is an Australian-based accounting and business advisory firm who help business owners and organisations on their journey as they grow. With 9 Partners and 70 employees, ESV offers a client-centric approach. ESV needed a digital solution that would help them refine and streamline their client service methodology internally, but also provide quality around the clock service to their clients.

“We wanted an internal digital application to service our clients, understand their goals and their purpose, ensuring a good methodology for off-the-clock meetings, onboarding and client changes.”


Prior to the ESV Web Application, ESV used a manual process to create their Client Service Plans (CSP). They used a Word document template to create individual CSPs. This process however had some drawbacks. It was time-consuming, involved creating multiple versions of documents, didn’t support client off-the-clock access and lacked the modern look and feel ESV wanted their CSPs to convey. As such, ESV needed a secure, easy-to-use, custom, web-based platform to capture and share top-line client information.

Mobiddiction identified the following key program objectives:

1. Create a dynamic CSP web-based digital application

2. Enable sharing of the CSP with Partners

3. Centralise client service planning in a single database

ESV Onboarding Process

Onboarding Clients

The CSP needed to capture important new client information in a standard and consistent onboarding process. This included information about:

  1. Business and accounting assets
  2. Insurance coverage
  3. Stakeholder’s agreements
  4. Family groups and beneficiary details
  5. Wills and other related documents
  6. Business contacts

Goal Setting

As ESV works with clients to help them achieve their goals, it’s vital that Partners and team members can access and understand short, mid and long-term client goals. In the new CSPs all client interactions, meetings and discussions are secured in one place.

ESV Project Management
ESV Relationship Management

Relationship Management

The new CSP allows ESV to quickly identify risks, opportunities and areas for improvement.

A Multi-faceted Solution

ESV needed the functionality to consistently record, maintain and securely access complex client information. Team members need to quickly understand and proactively respond to a client’s request, even if they are not their specific advisor, creating a positive client experience and fostering long-term client relationships.

A second aspect of the brief was for the potential solution to reduce the manual labour required in recording and maintaining CSP documents. ESV wanted to make the internal process more consistent, dynamic and accessible by all users. The dynamic web-based application uses smart principles. This means the CSP questions change in response to client answers and context. These smart principles allow Partners and managers to complete the form quickly, as not all questions apply to everyone.

Finally, ESV required a solution that works across all digital formats and platforms including multiple web browsers, mobiles and tablet devices. Moreover, the solution had to work on a Microsoft operating system as well as Microsoft Surface PRO as these are used across the firm.

ESV Project Plan

ESV - Client Service Web Application Timeline


Mobiddiction worked closely with ESV’s Partners and staff to develop a digital solution by conducting:

  • Feasibility study: We assessed the practicality of the proposed program.
  • Project workflow: This involved mapping out a workflow of the project and checking with the client for shared understanding.
  • Demos: We produced a concept to demonstrate the proposed digital solution and conducted client workshops with a sample set of end users.
  • User feedback: ESV tested the design prototype and provided us with user feedback.
  • Testing: ESV integrated the client feedback into the prototype and released it for testing once more. The project underwent a few rounds of refinement.
  • User Experience: Our UX team created a design interface using best practice principles while also aligning with the ESV brand and their client-centric goals.
  • Design, delivery and implementation support: When ESV approved the digital solution, we assisted them to integrate it within their existing ecosystem.
  • Microsoft Surface Hub platform: ESV is a Microsoft organisation and all the consultants and Partners access CSPs using Microsoft Surface devices when they meet with clients.

This resulted in dynamic, web-based Client Services Plans, consistent with ESV’s brand and scalable for their future growth.

“We are now more comfortable with how we are managing our internal client knowledge.”