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Mobiddiction were approached by FatProphets to review, consult and completely overhaul their members area and create a new digital eco-system for the business.

Fat Prophets

We worked very closely with the team at FatProphets to understand the business model, which then let us define, design, build and manage their entire new digital ecosystem made up of a new public facing website and brand new CRM connected members area.

Software and Programs used

Delivering a connected digital eco-system for the business


Delivering a simpler and more integrated system was one of the main tasks put to us by FatProphets. As one of the leaders in global stock market research, the company has accumulated masses of customer data over the years and this added a challenge in terms of understanding and making sure we captured all existing customer data and managing archaic systems that were disconnected.

As part of the brief, Mobiddiction mapped out and designed the entire customer journey on two fronts – for existing customers and for new customers who have not signed up yet. Tasked with understanding current customers as well as prospective customers, our UX design was focussed on optimising and encouraging engagement.

Apart from creating an exciting new digital customer journey we also focussed on providing a secure and well managed member’s area (portal) that we integrated with Microsoft Dynamics to ensure a stronger customer relationship for FatProphets day to day customer management.

Digitising the customer experience

We designed and built a new website for customers to learn about FatProphets, engage with the brand. The website also plays a key part for FatProphets to be able to manage their subscriptions details and offers through a shopping cart integrated functionality.

FatProphets Public Site
FatProphets Login

Members sign up

The FatProphets website has listing of their products that a customer is able to view and subscribe to. New members are able to sign up and become FatProphets members.

Members Area

Members are able to login from the public website and are taken to the members area to access their reports, recommendations and manage subscriptions.

Members are able to view their subscriptions and Fat Prophets are able to segment and cross-sell other relevant products based on the customer product set.

FatProphets Members Area

An overview of some of our areas

An overview of some of our areas

Powered and managed
by a digital content manager

We not only custom designed the front end of the website and the members area but also our team architected the content management flow for the FatProphets team to be able to manage and publish content almost every day. We come up with a model where by different users have varying levels of access with an inbuilt hierarchy to publish content.

Fat Prophets CMS Flow

Strategy, data security, data transfer,
design, build and delivered

Being backed by a team of technical experts it is not an easy task to deliver something at the scale of data which was over a decade in the making for a business such as FatProphets. Both teams worked very closely to ensure data integrity was managed and data transfer was managed with the least disruption to the business. Various types of resources were needed to make this project come to fruition since we need a variety of skillsets to enable what we had set out to deliver and continue to support.

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