Brief & overview of solution

Mobiddiction was tasked with creating an online shopping experience for Whiteley. After creating Whiteley’s public site which acted as a catalogue for products sold through re-sellers, the new task was to have a separate site focusing on selling rather than showing. To solve this task we decided to use Shopify as the platform we would build the solution on, as a lot of the features needed to make a successful e-commerce site were provided out of the box.

Consult & Collaborate


Design & Develop

Three important things

Clean design

e-commerce tools



Whiteley is the leading global innovator in medical and industrial cleaning products.

Whiteley is committed to world leading research and innovative product development in the field of hygiene, cleaning and infection control products.

Usability and Experience

The major focus was a simple & clean layout that can take customers straight from a product to checkout without bulk or complication.


  • Shopify Hosted and Managed
  • Comprehensive shopping cart process
  • Wide variety of payment options accepted (inc Google & Apple pay)
  • Automatic abandon cart follow up
  • API with Whiteley’s preferred shipping company for accurate shipping updates to customers

Three key personas

Whiteley wanted to focus on three key personas to sell to. In the interest of that we designed three bold sliders that auto rotate, focusing on Home, Work and Healthcare facilities.


Using an API we connected Shopify to Whiteley’s preferred email client Klaviyo. Using conditional logic we also set up user flows to take users through a journey from their initial sign up on Shopify to receive special offers they can use when purcahsing.

Customer profile’s

Upon checking out users can create an account to save personal/payment details as well as have access to their purchase history

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