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Team Mobiddiction

Pop in for a cuppa or a cold one?

Team Mobi

G’day, Hola, Halo, Namaste, Merhaba, Zdravo … We’ve got it all

Technologically gifted, Team Mobi can pretty much deliver anything within the digital space. More importantly, it’s our understanding of how technology can be used to bring customer experiences to life that truly sets us apart from the rest.


Director at Mobi, Tech evangelist, Start up, Innovation and Digital enthusiast.


Tech Director at Mobi, you can either Google Search; get confused or just ask Iain.


Mobile Dev and all things iOS at Mobi. Currently experimenting chat-bots and machine learning!


Jack of all trades, developer, designer, photographer, videographer, animator and more.


Our designer-in-chief, Amy likes to colour in and put blocks together. We believe it’s called customer experience design!


Keeps our team sane with her intellectual self. Mobiconnect product specialist.


Manages all our Brand Digital and Comms. If you like what we post and share, plus all those DJ Khaled Gif’s, you know who it is!

Chandra (CP)

CP from amazing Nepal is our web front end go-to guy, takes special care to get those animations ironed out and ensures things (read buttons!) look, feel and work well. All round full-stack dev, all sorts.


Ashita is our Senior Android engineer. Loves perfection, always looking for new ways to solve problems. Cool as a cucumber, swears by sub-way and always smiling even when looking at Crashlytics!


Manages mobi teams operating rhythm, early riser, crossed the ditch recently. Loves a clean JIRA board, cannot pronounce “six” or “ao-to-mot”. Ensures our bar-fridge is always stacked!


Angular gun, razor focussed, takes pride in delivering pixel perfect web front end user experiences. Loves coding with discipline. Enjoys soccer, spent a year in the Big Apple and has a vision of being a techpreneur!


Cara is our creative digital and media specialist trainee. Cara lives a busy life juggling work with Uni, coaching tennis for kids on the weekend, lead guitarist for bands ‘Green Dick’ and ‘Transparency’ and her love of all things arty!


All-round numbers boss, what Roopa lacks in tech-knowledge she more than makes up for by keeping the company moving!


What’s an office without it’s best friend? #teammobimascot