Enterprise Grade PaaS

Mobiconnect is an enterprise grade platform based on a modular approach. It’s core structure is completely customisable and can be scaled, adapted and offered as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) making it easy for any business, big or small, to plug in and play!

Designed and fit to engage end-users with their mobile devices, Mobiconnect uses smarts for publishing news, social media, events, segmented notifications, location intelligence and much more.

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Feature set

Pick and choose the features you want for your end-users


Make a positive first impression by communicating your value to motivate higher user engagement.

Mobiddiction: Notifications & Alerts

Alerts & Notifications

Engage users contextually with timed and trigger based notifications straight to their smart device.


Store, manage, publish and determine usage of your digital content from within Mobiconnect.


Use Rewards to interact, engage, surprise and delight your audience improving their overall experience.

Mobiddiction: Location Beacons


Use location based triggers to engage with people within their surrounds and optimise the ambience.

Mobiddiction: Captive Wi-Fi

Captive Wi-Fi

Connect and engage with your audience using our captive wifi solution and power up your location.

Smart Buildings

Make your Building or Apartments Smart with a connected experience.


Use the Mobiconnect Learning Management System to upskill and educate your staff or students.

Mobiddiction: Incident Management

Incident Management

Manage, track and solve incidents within your business, Venue or Smart Apartments.

Mobiddiction: Mobile

Social Wall

Give people the environment to post, tag and share their experiences with your brand and community.

Mobiddiction: Ecosystem

User Management

Restrict and permit what people can access and edit based on user privileges that you assign.


Manage your entire solution from the one Dashboard, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Because every frontend needs a backend

Go to market sooner!

With Mobiconnect, your solution can be available to your end users quicker than you know it.

Designed with a mobile first approach and constructed using both a front-end and cloud based framework, Mobiconnect can rapidly deploy mobile solutions allowing you to focus on the customer experience.

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