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Launch your web customer portals, business web and mobile apps in minutes. No design. No Code required. Give it a try?

Harness the power of Mobiconnect to launch your backend web customer portal or CMS for Apps both web and mobile. Create your own branded customer portal in minutes. There are plenty of readily available features with no design or code required.

No credit card needed | 14 day free trial

Mobiconnect the No Code App Builder Platform
Ready-to-market customizable app builder platform
Releasing your digital product soon?

From idea to being live in days. Not months.

We built Mobiconnect over several years as we could not find anything like it. Specially to cater to the variety of screens, whether it is a mobile, tablet or a large format screen.

Mobiconnect features a ready made suite of modules so you can launch your web, mobile or apps for any screen easily.

No credit card needed | 14 day free trial

Why Mobiconnect™?

Looking to launch an online product or a mobile app for your business or start up.

You will need to either hire, contract, partner or outsource your design, development, hosting, ongoing management of and a myriad of other tasks for your applications.

So, we built a system that has several connectors so that you can focus on your business and product idea, or app and we can help you with this by providing you a fully hosted and managed platform. Plus, being a customisable suite of modules you are not restricted by using what we have but what you need to have for you to succeed and launch.

No credit card needed | 14 day free trial

Mobiconnect no-code platform dashboard

90% of start up’s fail as money runs out even before launching a product

Native or hybrid mobile apps with Mobiconnect
Multiple solutions

What can you build with Mobiconnect?

You can build solutions such as native or hybrid mobile apps, web portals such as customer portals, logistics and delivery cloud systems with live driver and map tracking. Features also include a ready content management publishing platform to send users news, articles on your mobile apps. Being a zero code platform there are many different solutions we can enable quite quickly.

Modular features

Mobiconnect is modular with ready to launch features.

Building good quality apps is quite a skill, you need to take into account several things such as the features you need, the backend system that runs your apps and also get the user experience right as most “web based apps” or drag and drop interfaces will not only be painstaking but you end up compromising on the user experience.

Mobiconnect Features

Award winning platform

Not a Tech Person? Not a Prob.

Many start up ideas stop or do not get to go live because of the lack of technical expertise. That is ok, not everyone is technically capable and it must not stop you to go live with your idea. Hence, we have built Mobiconnect as framework with connectors, or modules as we refer to them for your idea.

Mobiconnect user friendly
Mobiconnect mobile application platform that is scalable

Scale over time

There is no rocket science involved here. Mobiconnect lets you scale over time. Launch small and scale over time as you grow. We also support and manage enterprise grade ecosystems.

No credit card needed | 14 day free trial

AWS Hosted and Managed

Being AWS partners, the “backend” as we call it is securely hosted and managed by our engineers who can assist you with the process of releasing your application. Our systems and capability can support micro start up ideas to large enterprise solutions. We also custom design backend systems.

No credit card needed | 14 day free trial

Mobiconnect is AWS Hosted and Managed
Mobiconnect’s customisable functions
Get building

You focus on your business, we’ll focus on your digital ecosystem.

Building a well functioning web or mobile app is not simple and businesses run the risk of missing important steps when starting from scratch. Luckily Mobiconnect’s customisable functions ensure we do all the hard work so you can focus on more important things – like your business.

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