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Team Mobi

Meet the humans at Team Mobiddiction.

About Mobiddiction
About us

We’re Mobiddiction, over a decade of building innovative digital tech solutions merging strategy, design and customer experience.

Our experience goes back to the days of the iPhone 3GS when we built the the first ever official whale watching app for NSW, we built bespoke WiFi programs when the internet was catching up, we engaged fans using live face detection using augmented reality filtered images thrown on giant stadium and iPTV screens at the Cricket, our team ventured out for a underwater 360º shoot with professional scuba divers at the Great Barrier Reef for a VR enabled VirtReal conference where the DJ performed under-water virtually from the US to an audience worldwide.

Our enterprise platform sends location based Shark alerts as part of the largest Shark management program in the world for the NSW government to managing way-finding with custom maps at an event that attracts approximately 1M attendees in 2 weeks.

We’ve partnered and helped to build a mapping tool for NSW State forests, our field management tool is used by surveyors, our field mobility tool is used by home visiting technicians as part of their everyday toolset. We flew drones to create a unique high quality custom map using Drones where a Google Map for an entire display homes village map, we help recreational fishers every day find relevant information about areas to fish and store catch logs. It’s been over a decade and we continue to improve, measure, update, monitor and support some of these digital programs.

We code in many languages, but most importantly we speak human and we understand customer experience.

Welcome to Mobiddiction. We speak human.

Our ethos

We code in any language, we speak human.

Our consulting ethos and development skills ensure we partner with you to define your individual business goals and objectives. Our team of engineers is well equipped to handle complex enterprise web and application design, development, deployment, and ongoing management of your programs.

And we don’t outsource any work, it’s all handled in-house. From planning to design to implementation, Mobiddiction creates beautifully simple digital solutions that are suited to your business needs.

We love how technology and humans interact, we are passionate about digital innovation – we ideate, we design, we build and grow with you!

Our modular platform Mobiconnect helps digital programs go to market quicker without the hassle of coding it all yourself.

We code in any language, we speak human.

We are Mobiddiction.

Qualified & Experienced

Mobiddiction is prequalified supplier

Mobiddiction is a prequalified supplier under the NSW Government ICT Services Prequalification Scheme – Supplier List (SCM0020).

Mobiddiction is also a registered supplier on QTenders for Queensland, BuyingForVictoria for Victoria & VendorPanel.

Mobiddiction is also a registered Apple Developer Enterprise & registered Google Developer for Android platforms.