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Configurable Enterprise Software for your business apps with no development required.

Proudly built in Australia

We have your back-end covered.

Conceptualised and built in Australia, Mobiconnect is a Customisable Enterprise Software hosted and managed by us on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Mobiconnect helps you build Enterprise custom Software quickly and efficiently. We have multiple ways to commission your DevOps, Management and AWS infrastructure based on your requirements for privacy, security and scale. Mobiconnect comes as a fully managed suite so you can focus on your business while we have your back-end covered!

Customisable Enterprise Software with the least effort of design and development saving you time and costs. More importantly, be in market with a turn key modular system. Speak to us about a few use cases and demo.

Flexible & modular

Trusted and proven for over ten years.

Mobiconnect™ powers a variety of digital programs for digitising business solutions, new digital product or service offering or in some case for short term campaigns. The use cases are varied, and so is Mobiconnect as a flexible modular backend with a fully functional content management system (CMS).

Modular Customisable Enterprise Software out of the box

Mobiconnect as a platform offers a comprehensive suite of ready-to-market features out of the box and designed in a flexible way so you do not have to hire or develop complex business systems software or develop your own admin portal / backend for your service or digital apps both for web and mobile.

Save time, money and go to market quicker
Design, Development and Release of any business software can be time consuming and expensive and you need a variety of resources. With our proven history and track record we can most of the time get your digital program up and running in a fraction of the cost and time you would spend otherwise. If you are looking for a digital solution, feel free to reach out for a 1:1 free initial consultation here.

Ready to integrate

From CRMs to comms tools, we have integrated Mobiconnect with several tools and services such as Sendgrid, Sales Force, Twilio, Mailchimp, WordPress, AWS monitoring and uptime alerts, CometChat for Live Chat., CRMs such as HubSpot, FreshCRM, FreshDesk etc.

No design and build required

With our intuitive user interface on the CMS, you’ll be up and running in no time. Our platform is designed to be flexible and customisable, so we work with you can can tailor it to your specific needs and business preferences.

Ready for Web, Ready for Mobile
We built Mobiconnect from the ground up to be mobile ready from Day 1 back in the day of the iPhone 3GS. Our intelligent systems are built with the smarts a mobile app needs such as location awareness, mapping, native interactions, beacons and have features out of the box such as notifications, content publishing, segmentation.

Devops & Ongoing Management

Our team of expert developers and support staff are always on hand to answer any questions or provide assistance whenever you need it.

mobiddiction team australia

Who we’ve worked with

SharkSmart Powering NSW Shark related alerts, content publishing and geo-smart notifications
FishSmart Recreational Fishing catch log management, reporting and content management for the FishSmart Mobile app
MyVisit Powering the MyVisit NSW State Forests as the backend and CMS
SharkSmart PRO Location smart real time alerts areal capture and management for the NSW SharkSmart program
Get Permission Powering the Game Licensing Unit to foster responsible and ethical hunting in NSW
Wild About Whales Australia’s first official whale watching application
HomeWorld HomeWorld Marsden Park content, gallery and custom map with way-finding management system for the mobile app
Sydney ThundAR Fan engagement as part of the HomeWorld Sydney ThundAR for BBL. Real time AR fan face filters and live at the stadium iPTV network and large stadium screens at Giants Stadium in Sydney and Manuka Oval in Canberra
Sydney Royal EasterShow Powering Sydney Royal EasterShow Apps, Digital Way Finding and Custom Maps for 8 years including Show Faces and a location based activation using Beacons and Geo Fencing notifications technology powered by Mobiconnect
JB Hi-Fi Installs We used our Mobiconnect field mobility tool set to deliver and handover this to JB Hi-Fi as part of their Installs program
Field Technician Solution We used our Mobiconnect field mobility tool set to deliver as part of their field mobility technician program
Click & Collect Harvey Norman click and collect module was powered with location intelligence as part of their VIP click and collect customer experience
Find My Footy A short term campaign style rewards and location based engagement platform with QR code scans, instant prizes, points and leaderboard formats with offers from different venues with geofencing enabled technology.
[Superannuation] Rewards & Loyalty We powered a superannuation company with our base rewards and loyalty engine with customisation and hand over.
WH&S portal WH&S portal for ASSA in QLD as part of their client management and compliance documentation.
Dealer Portal LMS and reward and leader board style engagement for HERE Maps dealers
Nurse ED LMS style education, quiz and certificate management for nurses
Captive Portal Captive portal for Wi-Fi and media schedule management during events and games.
Captive Portal Captive portal for Wi-Fi and media schedule management during events and games.
ToTo New office premises employee comms and engagement backend
Social Gallery Social Media and live images gallery for digital screens with moderation
SDR Events LiveChat, AR assets and Gallery integration for virtual conference, integrated with AR assets during live conference
Scribblr Workflow management for transcriptions management
Mobiconnect Document management and client portal for accounting services
Mobiconnect Document management, task management and client portal
BPM ShadowPlay Managing handover documents for property buyers. Also used to reporting maintenance issues through a custom mobile app as part of builders warranty.
CRANA plus Backend and CMS for the CRANA plus Bush Support Services app
360º Customer Portal with tailored content based on location and segments with real-time notifications and HubSpot integration
QTS Drivers, Vehicle and Job Management with real-time tracking of delivery
Feature case study

SharkSmart powered by Mobiconnect


Where is Mobiconnect hosted?

Mobiconnect Enterprise is hosted on a high availability AWS cloud platform in Sydney, Australia. We can enable other regions based on your requirement.

What is the extent of customisation using Mobiconnect Enterprise?

We provide Staging and Production instances and the infrastructure is planned based on your requirements and scaleable over time. We enable specific regions for servers based on your requirements.

What if I want to own IP to my project or product?

Yes, this is possible and we can assign you with a license with a one-off fee for the modules that you intend to use for your program.

What are the ongoing costs for Mobiconnect Enterprise?

As a general rule the per month cost starts ~ $1,249 per month ex GST but this depends on how many environments, the size of the servers, database and DevOps infrastructure required for your program. The cost may also vary depending on the type of type of support you need for your program. Mobiconnect Enterprise is volume priced at a single fee per month cost and not per user as it gives you the flexibility to scale up as you need.

Can I integrate using Mobiconnect Enterprise APIs?

Yes, the Mobiconnect API is a REST interface using REST/JSON over https. It is designed for both HTML/JavaScript web applications (including using frameworks like Angular and ReactJS) and iOS/Android mobile apps (native and hybrid).The API accepts url-encoded GET parameters and/or form-encoded JSON request bodies, and returns JSON-encoded responses It uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Authenticated APIs require a valid Bearer Token in the Authentication header.

Link to API Docs:

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