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Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is a relatively new way to engage your users specially when your users are not able to travel physically to your location or to use this technology as an extension of your online digital experience on websites and mobile. There are many Augmented Reality examples such as bringing objects to life in 2D, 3D and users can interact with these objects.

Powered by AR

AR – Face detection

Delivering an Augmented reality powered fan experience at the BBL games for HomeWorld.

The Sydney Thund-AR activation at the Big Bash Cricket home games for Sydney Thunder team was built using the iOS AR-kit using AR led face detection technology which recognises the shape, size, contour and painted various Sydney Thunder theme filters onto fans faces.

Our UI/UX team crafted a range of filters, using various shapes and contours, so that fans of all ages and sizes could get in on the action as well. They also added textures to make the final image look close to the filter being face-painted in real life. We also introduced a ‘Gif’ with a time limit, that way there was not an excessive use of bandwidth during peak time before the games.

Mike and the team at Mobiddiction were great to work with on the creation of the HomeWorld ThundAR activation. The concept put fans first and created a new, exciting and sustainable way to engage with attendees before, during and after the match day experience. As an agency partner, the team were always happy to collaborate with both the client at HomeWorld and ourselves as the rights holder. This let to a successful integration with our match day event presentation technology ensuring the activation was promoted to fans at every touch point.

Vicky TyasHead of Partnerships Cricket NSW
Blend reality

Place 2D and 3D AR Objects in Air

AR objects within a defined space when a user moves their phone around. AR objects can add an additional layer of customer experience or education at your location.

AR for Graphics
AR Way Finding Directions
Find your way

AR for Way-Finding

Give your users an AR view for with Location Intelligence for Way-Finding showing with points of interest (POI) along the way, showing things around them with respect to their current location all through an augmented reality interactive view.

Helps you sell

Showcase products in AR on websites

Customers can experience products in an AR view such as a 360º object before making a purchase. Add AR view links on websites and let your users place these in their physical location. No need of a mobile app to be downloaded.

Mobiddiction AR
how to use AR
The space around you

Use AR Measure

Use AR to measure and place objects at locations

Time to engage

Gamification & Engagement

AR can be used for gamification & engagement and also coupons for loyalty and rewards.

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