Custom Map with WayFinding

A single custom map can be used on your websites, at venue, print and your mobile apps with digital wayfinding navigation.

Yes, indoors and multiple floors included.


If your location, venue or event is “Private” you most likely just have a location on Google Maps shown or an older satellite image from a very high level altitude.

You will then need to create a custom map to get a much more accurate and more detailed map. With a custom map you can also include navigation within your venue, location or event.


  • Outdoor events and festivals
  • Builders, Display Homes
  • Construction sites & Warehouses
  • Hotels & Golf Clubs
  • RSL Clubs, Recreational Venues
  • Tourism & Holiday Destinations
  • Shopping malls, Parking Lots
  • Hospitals & Office navigation
  • Sporting venues & stadiums
  • Zoo, Parklands & Local Areas
  • Schools, College & Universities…


  • Your own custom map for your location
  • Temporary Events & Venue Map
  • Outdoor and indoor way-finding navigation
  • Multiple Floor navigation
  • Better and higher resolution images
  • Use on website, apps, venue, print & digital
  • Add detail with accurate and custom POI’s
  • Much better end user experience
  • Brand your mapping experience
  • Send messages to users while at location
  • Easy to manage and update

POI’s are “Points of interest” such as Entry, Exit, Important location pins that helps a user navigate or find out more about your locations or when they are looking for directions within your venue.

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Case Study

Navigating at Sydney’s Royal EasterShow

Sydney Royal Easter Show is Southern Hemisphere’s largest family event attracting close to a million people in the two weeks during the show. The EasterShow venue is well mapped by Google/Apple maps, but for the duration of the event those maps, and the way-finding available from them would not work.

A section of normally open space is fenced in for the event blocking access except via 4 entries, and many of the internal roads and paths are blocked by things like ferris wheels, exhibits, food stands and other event-specific infrastructure. This means walking directions/distances between various places and events provided by the standard Apple and Google map SDKs are unusable.

Custom Mapping Solutions with Way finding
Mapping Solution

Using a combination of available satellite imagery, event planning and logistics documents, and site visits – we created a map of locations of all events, attractions, facilities, and all relevant/important locations (including things like road/path intersections and building entrances/exits) in the event precinct. We also then mapped out all the walkable connections between each of these locations and it’s adjacent location. For this event we ended up several hundred location “nodes”, each with at least one and up to 6 or 7 (and occasionally more) adjacent nodes.

Custom Way Finding

Having built a solution to working out how to get to any event/facility/attraction to any other place, we then integrated this with the event planning “MyPlan” feature in the mobile app, so if you planned to see, for example, the Poodle Competition, a specific Wood Chopping heat, ride the Ferris Wheel, eat a Tornado Fry, and buy a Bertie Beetle Showbag, the app can now plot your route out for you, taking into account the times of the Poodle and Wood Chopping events, the walking time between them, and show you a route from your current location to each of your planned destinations, including notification when you need to leave to arrive in time for time-specific events.

The show custom map is also used across the show guide, event marketing material, signage at the venue, interactive map on the website and the map with way-finding for users of the mobile app during the show.

Flyer using Custom Map

Recommended for: Festivals, Events, outdoor markets, indoor venues, shopping centres, universities and educational institutions.

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Case Study
HomeWorld Marsden Park – Custom Map with Drones and location intelligence.

HomeWorld display villages are usually in areas where existing road data and satellite imagery are not yet up to date. Even when accurate road data is available, the standard pedestrian wayfinding doesn’t meet best practice for family and child safety, routing pedestrians down the middle of roads, instead of along footpaths and using crossings or corners to cross roads.

There are also commonly other display village site specific constrains, for example often is a single builder has 2 or more display homes adjacent to each other, they’ll be fenced in and the entrance for all homes will be in one place – where Google/Apple maps will instead route you to the centre of the property boundary for each house.

Google Maps

Google Maps Vs. Our Map

Apple Maps

Apple Maps Vs. Our Map

walking route way finding in app

Custom map using Drones and digital way-finding navigation solution

Using a combination of available satellite imagery, Mobiddiction drone experts visited the site and with carefully planned aerial high resolution photography, mapping accurate data with walking direction precision for each display village – we created a map of locations of all footpaths, pedestrian crossings, street corners (for safe crossing in absence of marked crossings), and curb ramps (for accessibility).

We also mapped places like utility, car parks, cafe when present, and where needed village-specific home entry and exit points. We used all this data to build a routing engine that could show you the shortest route from wherever you are to any specific home or facility, prioritising safe use of footpaths, crossing, and street corners.

The HomeWorld Marsden Park Way Finding solution activates on the app based on a users location when at the venue. A smart digital way finding solution for an outdoor classified private venue with no detailed Google map.

Custom Maps using Drones

When combining Mobiddiction’s drone aerial photography with high resolution satellite view imagery creating high resolution and more accurate points of interest (POI’s) we design a custom map for a much richer user experience, allowing for way-finding directions. All this managed from our platform to update in realtime.

Recommended for: Festivals, Events, markets, indoor venues, shopping centres, universities, educational institutions.

custom map digital way-finding


Power your custom map with Beacons for location intelligence and send marketing messages while users are around in real-time.

What is a Beacon?

A beacon is a small wireless transmitter device that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. This signal can be discovered by Internet-enabled devices, such as mobile phones and can be used in location technology such as proximity marketing.

Perfect for shopping malls, retail stores and super markets, events where Marketing messages and brands can send messages to their users based on their proximity to a beacon.

PS; There is no installation needed.

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Drones have fast become indispensable tools across a number of industries from farming, to logistics to health and more. Features such as high-resolution imagery, mapping, temperature and motion sensing and many other features which makes it a very useful tool for your business depending on the use case.

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