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Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

When you create your first account with Mobiconnect, you automatically get a 14-Day Free Trial. You do not need a credit card. Sign up here.

How does the per user pricing work?

Any user requiring registered access to your product or app is classified as a paid user. You can find our pricing here.

What can I build with Mobiconnect?

You can build web and mobile apps such as business document manager, incident management portal, intranet, customer portals such as driver, job and appointment management web and mobile apps and use Mobiconnect as your backend platform. Mobiconnect also comes with a customisable content management system (CMS) so you do not have to design or build any of this yourself. You can view some of our features here.

Can I build multiple products?

Once you create an account, you are the account owner and can create and manage multiple products from the console.

enterprise software application platform web and mobile apps
Drones as a service testing

Do you have API documents?

Yes, we have a developer portal and API documents you can access here.

Do I pay additional costs for hosting?

No, the per user pricing on every plan has your generous data and usage limits mentioned. So, unless you go way over there is no extra hosting costs. The per user price includes hosting.

Do you build custom web and mobile apps?

Our team of web and mobile experts have been building web and mobile apps since the days of the iPhone 3GS. We work with global clients on various digital applications across a variety of industries, plus have a great variety of portfolio including Government and Enterprise applications. You can reach out to us for a 1:1 with our experts here.

How do I get technical support?

We have a support centre where you will find helpful articles and links on how to make the best use of all features Mobiconnect has to offer. You can reach out to our technical support by raising a support request ticket here.

I’m an agency can I offer Mobiconnect to my clients?

Yes, infact Mobiconnect is great for digital and those offering digital development services such as web portals, web and mobile apps as you can create one account and manage multiple client projects from the console.

Is Mobiconnect Low Code or No Code?

Technically Mobiconnect is a no-code platform as we offer ready modules with the choice left to you about which features you like to use for your digital product or app. Some features such as our forms builder, pages creator or even the LMS certificate builder you are able to add in your own CSS to adapt to your brand or business.

Does Mobiconnect require technical skills?

Not really, you do not need to be a developer to be able to figure Mobiconnect out. We have tried to make it as user friendly as possible so anyone with some level of digital skills can create your own platform as our modules or features are ready-made features you can pick and choose.

Though if you do have technical skills, or have support from internal technical members or partner technical service provider companies they may be able to help you a lot more. Still, no way near the time and costs it takes to build your own.

Is my data secure?

Your data is protected on the move by industry standard SSL/TLS. At rest your data is stored in AWS RDS encrypted databases.

Where is Mobiconnect hosted?

The Mobiconnect platform is hosted on a high availability AWS cloud platform in Sydney, Australia.

Native or hybrid mobile apps with Mobiconnect