Sydney Royal Easter Show

8th years of partnering with RAS delivering an award winning digital experience.

The Brief

Help plan, navigate and engage

The Sydney Royal EasterShow is southern hemisphere’s largest family event. 2022 was our 8th year working with the team at RAS and provide digital services including the mobile apps, dynamic show faces wall on IPTV screens at the venue and at the large screen at the Giants Stadium powered by our platform Mobiconnect™.

The team at Mobiddiction also designed and enabled custom way-finding for users to be able to find real time walking directions while at the show and designed the base event show map displayed across the event both print and digitally.





Customer research told us we needed to develop a digital solution for two core audiences: Families and Empty Nesters.

Families said they wanted a utility to:

“Help my family and I get the best value for experience”.

They needed an Easter Show app to showcase activities based on their interests, be a trusted advisor and act as a tour guide helping with navigation.

On the other hand, Empty Nesters told us they wanted a utility to:

“Help us plan so we can avoid what we don’t want to see.”

Empty Nesters  needed an app to showcase utility and act as a curator for events which could be easily added to an itinerary planner.

Based on Need State and Customer Journey planning, we identified Utility, Relevance, Transaction and Social CRM as core need states. Using these insights, we developed a creative platform and methodology called Pre-During-After experiences. This methodology inspired and fuelled the ideas and functionality which underpin this mobility solution.

Custom map designed for the show powered with way finding

A custom map powered by location intelligence lets users find out location based real-time information providing a utility based way finding navigation experience.

The ‘My Plan’ feature assists with favouriting events and activities and provides personal directions with walking directions way finding navigation while at the show.

Smart map with way finding - Across multiple channels

Custom Way Finding with Mobiconnect

Geo-targeting and Smart Notifications

Ability to send targeted notifications. Segmented for crowd management and location based offers and promotions.

Event Companion

A smart itinerary planning platform that lets users plan their “before-during-after”. Easy to use, the Sydney Royal Easter Show app stores your preferences for a personalised experience.

The Experience

At its core

The Easter Shows mobility solution is a consumer mobile app developed for iOS and Android. It acts as the trusted advisor and navigator for customers at the Easter Show.


The app is powered by our platform, Mobiconnect™  allowing Easter Show to manage content published to the apps, gallery featured across the event screens and send push notifications with geo-fencing ability.

The core focus behind the digital ecosystem is to deliver a utility based rich user experience

  • Digital tools that complement the event experience.
  • Utilising location and personalisation to drive relevance while at venue.
  • Deliver Social sharing and community engagement.
  • Provide an integrated way-finding solution for web & mobile.

Try it for yourself!

There is so much to do and see at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and the official app includes all of the essential information, plus the fun stuff!