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The HomeWorld Marsden Park app helps users navigate their way around the display village with the interactive map powered by location intelligence and way-finding technology powered by Mobiconnect™.

The app also let you compare the full range of home designs, display homes, inclusions and promotions on offer and helps to connect with the right building company.

Mobiddiction partnered with HomeWorld to build their first application designed to assist home buyers connect to builders with display homes at the Marsden Park village.

The HomeWorld website helps users easily and quickly see pictures and descriptions of display homes, a mobile app provides location aware context and the ability to plot walking routes to any specific home or builder, giving the HomeWorld app much more site-specific capability and a true extension to the HomeWorld experience of visiting a display village.

The mobile app is powered by our award winning platform Mobiconnect™ for the gallery, push notifications and location based way-finding intelligence with a custom map designed using Drones for users at the Marsden Park display village.


Plan your visit

The App shows the homes on display and the leading Builders that are on site. You have access to the photo gallery for some inspiration and there are maps to help you navigate your way around HomeWorld Marsden Park. 

Get in touch with the builders direct

You can get in touch or send a query to the builder direct from the app. 

Stay informed

HomeWorld will provide you with relevant information to help you on this journey as you walk through the display villages with smart notifications

Find your way easily – wayfinding powered

Use the HomeWorld app users are able to find their way around HomeWorld Marsden Park and the Builders display homes, meet builders on site with handy walking directions. 

custom map digital way-finding

The HomeWorld Marsden Park interactive map helps visitors find their way around the village, and to find homes and builders with walking directions.

Wayfinding using Drone Technology

The problem

HomeWorld’s display villages are usually in areas where existing road data and satellite imagery are not yet up to date. Even when accurate road data is available, the standard pedestrian way-finding doesn’t meet best practice for family and child safety, routing pedestrians down the middle of roads, instead of along footpaths and using crossings or corners to cross roads.

Mobiddictions’s solution

Using a combination of available satellite imagery, drone aerial photography, display village plans, and site visits – we created a map of locations of all footpaths, pedestrian crossings, street corners (for safe crossing in absence of marked crossings), and curb ramps (for accessibility). We also mapped places like the site office, the car parks, the cafe when present, and where needed village-specific home entry points. We used all this data to build a routing engine that could show you the shortest route from wherever you are to any specific home or facility, prioritising safe use of footpaths, crossing, and street corners.

The Journey

HomeWorld were already maintaining all their display home listings and builder information for each display village in their website CMS. We needed to integrate with their CMS to pull out photos, descriptions, and other data for each home – to ensure there was only one place where information needed to be updated. We then had to add additional app-specific metadata, for example geolocations, while maintaining a reliable sync with the website CMS.

The Mobiddiction team manage the cloud hosted backend powered by Mobiconnect™ that syncs with the website via APIs, and iOS and Android native mobile apps powered from the backend. The mobile apps are location aware and bluetooth enabled – which allows our customers map tiles to display the site in the HomeWorld illustrated style, allows safe pedestrian wayfinding and route mapping, and which uses geofences and bluetooth beacons for Smart Notifications.


Smart Notifications

Stay informed with Smart Notifications

Home Listings

Walk through homes from leading builders


View the latest in home design

This new APP is an exciting initiative for HomeWorld and we hope that it will improve the overall experience for visitors coming to HomeWorld Marsden Park

HomeWorld Marsden Park Display Village Map

We used drone aerial photography to enhance the satellite view imagery and our design team then created a custom illustrated map in a style compatible with the HomeWorld brand and other assets such as Builder logos.

This custom illustration was then processed into “map tiles” to allow the app to place the display village into Apple and Google Maps in the iPhone and Android mobile apps, and to allow panning and zooming while maintaining appropriate levels of detail at every zoom level.

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