Let’s go Whale Watching

Community initiative by Mobiddiction for Whale enthusiasts globally.

Whale Watching

How can people’s whale watching experience be better than it already is?

Whale Watch is proudly presented by Mobiddiction, an Australian tech company established in 2012 that oversees popular initiatives like SharkSmart (NSW), FishSmart, and the Forestry Corporation of NSW, among others.

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Our vision is to create “WhaleWatch” as a global Whale Watching community program which will be developed over time with new features and content released as we are reaching out to many Whale Watching enthusiasts globally.

Our team at Mobiddiction initially developed a very popular app called the “Wild About Whales” for National Parks of NSW for the iPhone 3GS which was decommissioned in 2021.

It’s important to note that this “WhaleWatch” program is entirely independent, and we are thrilled to share it with all of you.

Download the WhaleWatch app for iOS here.

We extend our gratitude to our engineering team whose efforts brought this vision to life. We encourage you to continue sharing your whale sightings, allowing us to collectively marvel at these majestic ocean giants.

Please download the “WhaleWatch” app, share your sightings, photos when you are out to “WhaleWatch” as these majestic giants of the ocean swim by the waters.

Always follow the instructions, safety guidelines from tour operators and professionals, volunteers and conservation groups who put in a lot of work to keep these lovely animals safe and protected.

Thank you for your enduring love for whales. Keep on #WhaleWatch 

Interested in partnering with us?

Your support is crucial to our mission, and we are constantly seeking partners. Whether you’re a tour operator or a fellow whale enthusiast or a Whale specialist photographer, please reach out if you can contribute in any way. Get in touch here.





Your Whale Watching companion.

Whale migration, one of nature’s most awe-inspiring phenomena, is a remarkable journey undertaken by various species of whales across vast stretches of ocean. Spanning thousands of miles annually, these migrations serve essential purposes such as breeding, feeding, and avoiding harsh environmental conditions. Some species, like the humpback whale, travel from their feeding grounds in polar regions to warmer waters near the equator to give birth and mate, while others, like the gray whale, undertake epic journeys from Arctic waters to the warmer waters of the Pacific coast of Mexico. These migrations are not only crucial for the survival of whale populations but also play a significant role in maintaining the health and balance of marine ecosystems worldwide.


Post your whale watching sightings for others

Check the map for all sightings posted from the WhaleWatch app. You can select the species, behaviour, location and a few other things to share.

Whale Species

Different Whale information

Find information about whale species and some interesting facts about these gentle giants of the ocean.

Share Gallery

Gallery for whale enthusiasts

It is a very special moment when you see these Whales swim by, users get to share their photos on the WhaleWatch app for others to view.

WhaleWatch Tips

Tips that help your whale experience

When, how, where…lots of questions arise when you think of Whale watching.

The experience

Born in Australia as a concept over ten years ago, we have embarked on this journey once again on popular demand but now it is not just for Australia to view, post and share their sightings of this majestic creatures of this amazing planet we live on, it is for the world.

At this point we usually would say "Try it for yourself!"

WhaleWatch is a free app currently available for iOS devices. Our engineering team is working hard to release the Android version soon. Thanks for all those who sent us enquires. We are an Australian business and this is a free initiative from us to the Whale watching community, so appreciate your patience and support.