Mobiddiction are experts on several GIS and mapping services from designing custom maps for websites and mobile apps with way-finding to large enterprise field mapping solutions.

Give your end users a much better navigation experience. Use location to your advantage and provide custom WayFinding.

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Google Maps

We’ve integrated Google Maps SDK for both iOS and Android. The SDK automatically handles access to the Google Maps servers, map display, and response to user gestures such as clicks and drags. In the various applications we’ve delivered (both web and mobile) we’ve developed features such as address lookup, delivery management, real-time tracking and user location based messaging.

Apple Maps

Apple’s MapKit helps embed maps directly into your own windows and views. We’ve used it to display interactive maps with custom annotations and location based overlays. It also allows us to show users their current location or help guide them to their next event or place of interest.

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Custom Maps

Using Google Maps and Apple Maps as a base layer, we’ve used MapTiler to design the custom map layer which we then integrate with mobile apps, venue signage and offline print and communication. It also helps convert images and data into zoomable maps with multiple zoom levels.


We’ve integrated native Google Maps and Apple Maps for providing way-finding information for applications. We’ve also tested these on mapping providers such as HERE WeGo.

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ESRI – Service Integration

We’ve used ESRI Service Integration to combine mapping and data analytics to deliver location intelligence and meet digital transformation needs for organisations of all sizes.

ESRI – Survey Marking

Online and offline mode for applications such as field mobility mapping applications such as Survey marking, recording POI’s and updating database of markers. 

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ESRI – Offline Maps

We’ve integrated ESRI Offline Mapping to help our clients create offline maps allowing their users in areas with intermittent, low, or no connectivity the ability to download and use them locally on their devices.

Offline Maps

We’ve integrated the offline capability for maps and added extensive overlays for marking specific areas such as Fishing Zones, Recreational Forest areas, POI’s and downloadable map file versions.

Survey Mark Mobile App

View some of our Map related work

Wild About Whales

Whale Sightings capture, Parks & vantage points with Location tags.

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SharkSmart (PRO)

Real time location aware map for alerts capture.

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Sydney’s Royal Easter Show

Custom Map with custom way-finding. Mobile & Web enabled.

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Survey Marks

Field Mobility solution for NSW Spatial Services.

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NSW State Forests (MyVisit)

ESRI / Offline maps for visitors of NSW state forests.

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NSW–DPI FishSmart

Maps for Fish Aggregating Devices, Artificial reefs, recreational fishing havens and Marine Park zones.

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