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A digital ecosystem powering realtime shark alerts,
information and resources straight to mobile

The SharkSmart program is part of NSW Shark Management Strategy and a statewide Department of Primary Industries (DPI-NSW) initiative to help swimmers, surfers and other water users in NSW to be aware of how to minimise the risk of being in waters where Sharks may be present.

“Improving people’s education and awareness of shark behaviour
helps to reduce their risk of a shark encounter in NSW waters”


We love the water, it’s part of our culture and regardless of the potential danger it is the destination we turn to relax, unwind and escape the everyday. The purpose of SharkSmart is not to deter people from entering the water but rather act as a trusted advisor they can turn to for information and advice about sharks in NSW.

Mobiddiction partnered with DPI-Fisheries NSW to provide strategic thinking around the program and leverage digital mobility to provide end users with information and time sensitive alerts to help make more informed decisions before entering NSW waterways.

Integrated near real-time notifications


Real-time notification to mobile when tagged sharks are detected via listening stations in NSW waters.

Meshing, Enclosures & Tagging information


Maps that show bather protection programs such as Shark Meshing and alternate saltwater swimming locations.

Sharks & other marine animal information

Shark Species

Shark education about different species, behaviour and that of other creatures found in NSW waters.

Interactive Risk Assessment Feature

Assessment Tools

Self assessment tools to evaluate a person’s risk of a shark encounter based on their interaction with NSW waters.

What’s next?

An integral part of their Shark Management Strategy the NSW Department of Primary Industries continue to work with Mobiddiction on some of the strategic elements, design, implementation and evolution of their SharkSmart mobility program of work. With the latest version now able to relay real-time alerts of tagged sharks detected in NSW waters straight to mobile, this is but one of the innovations within the app used to provide an effective shark attack mitigation measure at NSW beaches.

Try it for yourself!

The SharkSmart app provides key information and resources to users to help further reduce the small risk of shark bites in NSW waterways.

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