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How can people’s whale watching experience be better than it already is?

The National Parks of NSW (NPWS) partnered with Mobiddiction to find new ways to innovate their functionalities so everyone can engage in the fun of whale watching throughout the season.

“Everyone is busy engaging with their phones and computers so we thought,
why not create an app that gives people the opportunity to connect with wildlife
and nature? We can bring them closer to the whale-watching experience.”


Whale watching is a favourite pastime for all the nature lovers down here in New South Wales, due to the heavy migration of the Antarctic whales during that time of the year. Looking up sightings and spots can be very tedious. But now enthusiasts can sit back and have all the information they need ready at their fingertips.

Display the best spots for whale watching


Check the map and see the best spots for whale watching within New South Wales national parks.

Different Whale information

Whale Information

Ability to easily navigate and learn about different whale species.

Sightings this season

Shared Sightings

NSW National Parks have some of the best whale watching spots. As the whales pass by and sightings are submitted, we’ll show you the top spots with the most sightings!

Tips from the experts

Spotting Tips

Read expert tips on how to spot whales.

The experience

This specially designed tool displays whale sightings, information about different whale species, takes photos and shares them. The convenience of the app is available for mobile or tablet users and allows enthusiasts to navigate and learn everything they need to know about whale watching.

Try it for yourself!

Plan your next coastal adventure with Australia’s first official whale watching guide to New South W(h)ales! Find where the whales
are and submit your own sightings.