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Reward and engage with a customisable Rewards & Loyalty Platform

Yes – if you have not already done this. It’s about time. Your customers need to be rewarded be it for their loyalty to your product, store, or service. Maybe you want to run a campaign to get them excited about a forthcoming launch.

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Mobiconnect™ Rewards & Loyalty Platform
Rewards and loyalty platform

Our rewards platform can be integrated across web and mobile apps.

The Mobiconnect™ Rewards & Loyalty Platform lets you set up and manage your ongoing rewards so that you don’t have to build the entire systems yourself. Our Rewards platform features can be integrated into Web and Mobile Apps, Websites, or independent campaign microsites. Your customers for example can scan a QR code and be rewarded based on their reward tier, location or just an instant surprise and delight win you set up in the platform.

Rewards platform that can be integrated across web and mobile apps with Mobiconnect
Create time-based rewards with Mobiconnect
Multiple reward types

Customise from a variety of Reward types

Create rewards, select the type of reward from a range of options such as instant wins, voucher redemption, points, or special customised rules that can be customised in the platform.

You can even create time-based rewards, or a reward based on your users performing certain actions.

Example using Mobiconnect™ rewards

Mobiconnect™ rewards instant prize example
Mobiconnect™ rewards holiday example
Mobiconnect™ rewards history example
Get smart with Beacons

Time to Get Smarter? Use Beacons or geo-segments for smarter rewards.

Imagine your customers walk into your store or area specified by you and there’s an instant personalised prize offered to them, or just a section of your elite members gets special discounts on a particular day or a particular brand.

Yes – all possible with Mobiddiction Beacons. Note that you will need a mobile app to integrate with Beacons otherwise we can try to use the location / geo fence option.

Integrate the rewards platform into your website or Mobile app and get smart with your rewards.

Mobiddiction Beacons
Mobiconnect™ Rewards platform pre-built configurable features
Smart features

Loaded with pre-built configurable features

The Mobiconnect™ Rewards platform lets you set up Merchants (such as those offering the Rewards), specific rules and ability to generate QR codes for interaction at locations.

You can then segment these rewards with an option to Geofence or have a beacon associated for smart location-based rewards so that users get rewarded when they enter a particular area you set up in the platform.

Mobiconnect™ pre-built features


Create Merchants who are going to offer discounts or special offers to your customers or members.


These are your list of new or existing members who qualify or will be redeeming the rewards.

Rewards types

Create different types of reward types such as vouchers for redemptions, timed offer, points or a rule-based reward.


Use the Mobiconnect content manager to easily publish your rewards and manage in real time.

Web and App ready

Mobiconnect is easily adaptable to publish offers to your website, members portal or mobile app for greater interactivity.

Smart Geo-Location

Mobiconnect the rewards platform offer smarts such as rewards based on a user location or proximity marketing based on user mobile app location using Beacons or geo-targeted offers.

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Our team can take care of the entire user journey

Start to finish including integration and ongoing management of your rewards to your web or members portal, mobile app and work with your current IT/digital services agency or our team can handle it all for you.

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