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One of our agency partners, Murphy & Friends briefed the team at Mobiddiction on their client Stay Upright who wanted to revamp their entire website which needed a fresh approach and a much simpler, yet richer experience across all devices.

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Three important things

Clean design

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Stay Upright is Australia’s favourite motorcycle school offering a range of courses for all levels of rider, across five states. With over 130 qualified staff and 40 years in the business Stay Upright offers beginner to an advanced rider training courses across all Australian states right from getting a motorcycle licence, developing road riding, or learning some off road riding skills. They also provide formal rider training for employment requirements.

Old vs New

Ideation & Experience

The Stay Upright digital experience on the website needed a refresh. Our team thought of the user experience from an end user point of view and how quickly a user is able to reach their end objective – to book a course in their chosen state, close by or convenient to them and make a payment, all in just a few simple steps. We integrated the locations with Google Maps and ARLO as the payment gateway.

Experience Design

While the Stay Upright is built on WordPress as the chosen platform, we used Neomorphism as the chosen way to define the front end user experience.

So, what is Neomorphism?

Some may have heard of the skeuomorphism approach made popular by the likes of Apple in the early user interface design or the several 3D real-looking app icons we saw in the past as a much popular trend.

Neomorphism is relatively new, a design language and a trend that the aesthetics of the interface is marked by a mix of the minimal simplicity of the flat designs trend we saw in the past few years and skeuomorphism which we saw with the likes of Apple etc and the design of almost real looking buttons and user interface designs. The key factor in neomorphism is how depth is treated which allows better focus on the different elements and how a user interacts with these neomorphic elements in the design.

Thank you everyone. I couldn't be happier with how it looks and works.

AnnaliesseManaging Director, Stay Upright

I am receiving lots of positive feedback around the new site, it’s layout and visual aspects are great.

KristyHR & Finance Manager, Stay Upright


Stay Upright offers a variety of courses, are spread across all of Australian states and they offer services for a wide variety of riders, we designed the web experience to be very simple yet aesthetically pleasing with smarts such as Google Maps and location aware content, integration with ARLO as the payment gateway, Google Analytics and we wanted to ensure the brand, content and helpful content was also displayed in a way to was helped in the overall brand experience connecting with Stay Upright.

I want to thank EVERYONE for your time and patience. In particular the guys at Mobiddiction. They have worked round the clock to get us here, and I am super happy with the result.

MarkMurphy & Friends

Thank you Mark & Lizzie at Murphy and Friends for the opportunity for us work on Stay Upright as we continue to manage and offer ongoing support.

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