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Digital Patient VR by Australian tech company Mobiddiction for Palliative Care patients

Specifically designed Digital Patient VR with pre-programmed experiences for patients to immerse themselves in a virtual world using Virtual Reality.

Mobiddiction, a home grown aussie tech company have built a “first of its kind” VirtReal Digital Patient VR experience designed for use with the end patient and a fluid flexible user experience in mind with careful consideration to the end user in mind. The VirtReal Digital Patient VR platform is built with three support pillars in mind.

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VR for distracting patients
Pain Management
VR for pain management
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VR for health care in hospitals
Well Being
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Virtual Reality to enrich lives on patients in Palliative Care

In consultation and assistance of a few experts and community organisations our team at Mobiddiction worked on Digital Patient VR experience for trial at the Palliative Ward at the Nepean Hospital. We partnered with Our Community Cares (OCC), a local Penrith, community funded charity that assists the local community providing comfort goods to those who need it who sponsored Oculus Meta Quest 2 headsets for use at the palliative care.

VR for patients

The Virtual Reality patient experience is one of it’s kind for Nepean Hospital and it has a specific design and implementation for use in Palliative Care wards, we worked on this for months in partnership with community and professional organisations

Mike VasavadaDirector Mobiddiction

How does Digital Patient VR work?

The VirtReal Digital Patient VR application is powered by our award-winning platform Mobiconnect™ that helps in customising and managing the content for the VR digital patient experience app.

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VR photo and video gallery


Depending on the use case and environment, the content library can be customised and tailored. Among the options are the user of our ever-growing 360º photo library that helps patients connect to various places featuring photo and 360º content from the Great Barrier Reef to Bondi Beach, to an auto rickshaw in India, playing with dogs in Iceland or view the endless Dubai skyline at night. This provides the user with an experience that they would otherwise not be able to experience, for most of them being a first-time experience using VR; there is desire that this would help alleviate and distract from the pain that patients go through.


This feature is a custom designed simplified gaming experience with controls managed by the controllers, just plain hands for those who are not able to and cannot use their hands or even in a few cases using the smarts of “retina” for navigation purposes in the VR mode.

The Interact feature has a few very carefully planned experiences whereby patients can sit within restricted areas and movements and experience the gamified areas such as picking up different coloured balls and throwing them up in the air and watch them bounce in VR, there is a nine-pin bowling game in VR and grab and pinch the ball in VR for leverage finer finger movement skills.

VR in healthcare

One of the core principle of this tool is to leverage user’s actions in VR such as head, eye and hand movement and use this to facilitate a positive VirtReal digital patient experience

VR for palliative care

Taking it further

In the media

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The tool is now being developed to cater to a broader set of specific patient issues in mind for other areas such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Kids with severe illness, motor neurone disease, paralysis, and a few other health conditions.

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If you need a demo or have an organisation who can use this tool.

Please get in touch as we are currently keen to explore partnerships and how VR can be a very useful tool.