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We are a pure-tech company started off as a Mobile Apps Development expert in Australia. We now deliver anything digital including AR, VR, Websites, Customer Portals, CRM integrations with design and customer centricity at the heart of everything we do, enabling experiences across multiple digital touch points.

CRM Integration

We’ve helped businesses to select and implement the right CRM for their requirements as not all CRM’s work for everyone. Some CRM’s do not work exactly as you expect watching online videos and some times you just do not have the expertise to customise or even extract the right data for your analytics or customer lifecycle management including segmentation and marketing automation.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our team has experience in integrating learning management systems (LMS) and knowledge management solution platform. We have also provided help with training and documentation to ensure that user roles, delivery of the LMS content and ongoing management is seamless and managed by businesses whether it’s internal or external content even using a payment gateway for commercialising content.


We’ve implemented Beacons so targeted Push Notifications can be automatically sent to devices as they come within proximity of specific beacons. You can also send a select segment of users a location based marketing offer (Proximity based) with limits of time and quantity applied. We’ve also used Beacons to detect and heat map aggregated user movement – handy for crowd management.

AR: Face Tracking
AR: Face Tracking

We use ARKit from Apple to make sure we’re designing engaging experiences at all time. ARKit allows the device’s camera to present a live, onscreen view of the physical world. 3D virtual objects, such as emojis, can be superimposed over this view, creating the illusion that they actually exist. The user can also change their device to explore the objects from different angles and, if appropriate for the experience, interact with objects using various gestures and facial expressions.

AR: Experience AR
AR: Experience AR

We’ve inserted AR objects within a defined space when a user moves their phone around. AR objects can add an additional layer of customer experience or education at your location. AR objects can be 3D rendered experience to bring that static objects to life.

AR: Wayfinding
AR: Way Finding

We have implemented way-finding AR view on mobile Apps with points of interest (POI) and information through an augmented reality view.

Wearables & iOT
Wearables & iOT

Integrated Apple Watch as a wearable extension to mobile apps for messaging purposes. We also implemented a companion watch app which allows you to easily add your diet and calorie information straight to your mobile.

iOS Health Kit

We’ve integrated Apple’s Health Kit to capture user health related data. This data includes a count of users steps, their sleep pattern, and calories consumed and burnt.

Drone: Data processing

Investigating how to extract real time data from a drone (or it’s ground station/controller) and add that data to our platform automatically. This data may include GPS position and tracker, altitude, take off and landing times, still and video images. The possibilities are endless plus, drones are fun!

Digital Signature
Digital Signature

One of our solutions provides the ability to collect signatures and store them securely with auto-date, time and user logs. These are all digitally uploaded and stored onto our cloud platform. For example: If you have delivery drivers, they can get signatures, mark comments and submit on-the-go reports as part of a fleet mobility solution.

What we’ve done


Our experience includes using location intelligence for mapping solutions including creating custom map tiles, integrating native Apple & Google Maps for apps.

We have also worked on way-finding, routing, offline mapping, POI’s, recording and managing map related data for mobile and web applications.

Mobiddiction are HERE Maps partners and have worked with solutions on platforms such as HERE Maps, ESRI, Google Maps, Apple Native Maps including offline maps, varying file formats including TPK / KML / KMZ, vector tile packages, map tiler including designing and drawing custom layers.


News & Smart Content

We have worked on several applications which provide functionality to deliver News, Educational, Safety and Compliance related content displayed on end users web or mobile apps.

We’ve provided our clients with the ability to publish, schedule and distribute content using smarts such as segments, intent and location based messaging.

Sometimes standard content management systems (CMS) may not be the best fit for what your business needs in which case we have used our platform Mobiconnect and built custom content publishing modules.

News and Smart Content

Alerts & Notifications

Notifications act as a great reminder or a prompt to reach out subtly to your customers. Be it by way of targeted trigger or automation based emails or rich media push notifications in mobile apps.

We’ve created programs with images, videos, specific call to actions and links to Apps or external URL’s.

We are experts at creating in-app alerts and push notifications using platforms such as Google Firebase / FCM, Aotomot, Apple push notifications services, Amazon SNS, Twilio for SMS alerts and automated emails using Sendgrid as a few examples.



Alerts and Notifications

Build or Provide API’s

We’ve developed and integrated into various API’s over time for features such as SSO, CRM, Weather and tidal data information. We also build API’s for use on web and mobile applications.

We also have a batch of ready to use REST API’s that our enterprise and Government clients already consume. For eg: we provide a single API with functionality you can integrate into your digital platforms such as mobile apps, web apps or display on your website.

Example of some of our existing API’s include News API, Content API, Social API, Location API, Push Notifications API, Gallery API, Login, User Management, Dashboard etc. Speak to us to find out more!

Build or Provide API’s

Location & Proximity

Collaborating with clients across government and enterprises in Australia, we’ve leveraged location intelligence across many of our applications. We use location data for marine species, including beach locations, weather and time data based on a user location.

There are several other use cases where we have used either a geo-fenced approach such as to providing a targeted rewards offer within a particular Geofence, or the ability to create an active segment for location based offers using a mobile app attached to an iBeacon or EddyStone Beacon.

We geo-tag images with location data for insights and in some cases we are able to use location data for pure marketing purposes.

Location & Proximity

Analytics & Reporting

We believe this is the most important part of any digital program. We have worked with clients to provide great analytic insight but also the ability to produce strategic digital reports to assist businesses with custom analytics and present them with real-time dashboards or on demand.

Some of our tool sets include integrating Google Analytics, AppsFlyer and Flurry for Mobile apps, generating real time information based on user location for reporting and compliance purposes.

We have helped define KPIs, designed and implemented solutions and presented them as dashboards for business intelligence as some times you cannot just rely on standard out of the box software.

Analytics & Reporting

Digital Programs

We’ve worked with a number of businesses and assisted in defining, designing, building and managing various digital programs for them.
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