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Smart business and client documents portal. Work from anywhere.

Storing data on hard discs, local network drives is a thing of the past and popular document sharing tools do not work for every business. The Mobiconnect™ Business Document Manager lets you store documents securely and share with your team and as a client document portal.

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Mobiconnect™ Business Document Manager
Company docs

Manage company-wide and client portal documents easily

Just like working from your PC or network drive, the document manager lets you create folders and store files but with smarter features such as ability to create users and teams allowing you to share documents securely.

Manage company-wide and client portal documents with Mobiconnect
Customisable document portal with Mobiconnect
Your portal. Your style.

Customise the document portal to suit your business

Your business, your brand is very important as not only does your staff even your clients or customers associate with your brand. You can customise the document portal with your logo and brand colours.

Store, Share and Favourite

Just like we are used to on PC’s, you can create folders and upload files with the ability to share with users registered within your account. When sharing, there is an option to select if you need an email notification to be sent out too.

Control permissions

Manage team and folder permissions

Owners and admins can control what permissions you provide for each folder you share such as read only or update.

Manage team and folder permissions with Mobiconnect
Create client accounts and manage folders with Mobiconnect
Invite clients

Create client accounts and manage folders

This is particularly useful where you can create folders for your clients. Imagine a real estate property owner always asking you for as the agent for statements or if you are an accounting firm, your clients BAS statements, documents such as tax returns are all stored in sync and in real-time. This creates a better process

Get the latest

Ongoing updates

We are constantly evolving our document manager and are working on many more features to make our documents manager smarter for your business.

Native or hybrid mobile apps with Mobiconnect

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