Build feature-rich web and mobile apps for your business or start up idea, quickly.

Mobiddiction has built a number of amazing, niche technologies, most of which are powered by Mobiconnect. A fully-managed platform, we use Mobiconnect’s customisable components to build distinctive applications tailored to your business needs, reducing costs and getting you to market faster.







Go to market

Go to market




Get to market faster. Don’t DIY.

Easy to use CMS
Easy to use CMS

Customisable and easy to use, our CMS reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

Enterprise Grade
Enterprise Grade

As an AWS partner, Mobiconnect’s hosting and security is managed by us.


Choose from a range of pre-built modules and scale your features over time so you can get to market quicker.


Rather than an existing platform that you need to adapt to, Mobiconnect is tailored to suit the problem you’re trying to solve.

Speed to market
Speed to market

Our tested and ready to market solutions allow for faster implementation.

Managed platform
Managed platform

A secured and managed platform that’s accessible  for all!

On-going Support
On-going Support

Continuous partnership to implement and maintain your chosen solution.

Use Cases
Use Cases

Works across many use cases so you can have a single cloud based platform to perform a variety of business functions.

“One size does not fit all”


Design apps with a great customer experience using Mobiconnect as your secure, scalable world-class infrastructure and content management system.

Featured Modules

Mobiconnect’s feature-rich libraries can be customised for your business needs. There’s always the option of deciding on a hybrid option of both customised and existing modules.

User Management

Have complete control over who can access your application. Customise your login experience, no matter who the user is. Gathering user details helps keep communication open.

  • Permit and restrict what people can access.
  • Edit based on user privileges you assign.
  • Add users through the platform or the application.
  • Attach notes and documents to user profiles.
Login and User Management


Showcase the features of your app and its functionality with simple, graphic driven on-boarding screens.

  • Make a positive first impression.
  • Communicate your value to motivate higher user engagement.
  • Personalise the app experience.


Store, manage, publish, schedule and determine usage of your digital content from within the Mobiconnect platform.

  • Includes: News Category and News as well as generic content and content creation.
  • Search functionality using elastic search.
  • Send push-notifications for featured content.
  • Attach media.
  • Customise calls to action.
Notifications and Alerts

Alerts and Notifications

Enhance your customer experience and effectively drive traffic to your app by keeping users up to date with the latest offers and updates.

  • Engage users contextually, with timed and trigger based notifications sent straight to their smart device.
  • Send in app notifications.
  • Send push notifications to a user’s home screen.


Increase customer engagement by letting users take and post photos to a shared app gallery allowing them to engage with other app users.

  • Create gallery topics.
  • Display gallery image boards.
  • Moderate image submissions and comments.
  • Monitor image approval.


Use location based triggers to engage with people within their surrounds and optimise the ambience.

  • Add and activate new beacons in one simple step.
  • Link beacons to alerts and notifications.

Loyalty & Rewards

Use rewards to interact, engage, surprise and delight your audience improving their overall experience.

  • Create rewards based on rules.
  • Create timed and trigger based rewards depending on a user’s location.
  • Assign loyalty points based on reward redemption.
  • Capture and track user activity and redemption.
  • Digital redemption, including coupons and voucher codes.
Loyalty and Rewards
Incident reporting

Incident Reporting

Connect with users to implement a digital end-to-end incident management solution.

  • Create incident.
  • Manage incident and update status.
  • Auto date and time capture functionality.
  • Extensive user information and user logs

You focus on your business, we’ll focus on your digital ecosystem.

Building a well functioning web or mobile app is not simple and businesses run the risk of missing important steps when starting from scratch. Luckily Mobiconnect’s customisable functions ensure we do all the hard work so you can focus on more important things – like your business.

Mobiconnect from Mobiddiction

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