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An enterprise grade platform, hosted and managed on AWS, Aotomot offers ready to integrate modules to build web and mobile applications.

Mobiddiction worked closely with Aotomot to build and launch a ready to use, customisable platform. Unlike other development platforms, Aotomot gives a user a license manager allowing them to add multiple projects in the same console. By hitting the ‘launch’ button users then have access to a simple content management system, where they can publish content to their web or mobile apps.

“From conception to design to launch and management, Mobiddiction are an integral part of Aotomot’s ongoing growth.”


Aotomot was built with the aim of saving businesses and individuals time and money by taking on the difficult role of developing web and mobile apps, leaving them to focus in delivering the best customer service. From consultation to conceptualising the entire user journey to design and build, Mobiddiction delivered a unique and robust digital program solution.

Aotomot’s ready-to-use modules can be integrated with your mobile app or web app and managed via the Aotomot framework, without the need for businesses to build their own backend tech solution or worry about hosting. Subscribers also have access to great resources to help them build their application through Aotomot’s help and support portal.

The team at Mobiddiction spent several months working with the team at Aotomot from what was an initial idea to being in market live. A true digital eco-system consisting of consulting, design, development, DevOps, AWS management choice of technology and ongoing partnership for defining the future state platform features and digital products.

Real-time Dashboard

A simple and easy to use dashboard that provides fast and visually appealing snapshots of key analytics.

Log-in and User Management

Enables log in for your app to registered users and provides the ability to invite new users, as well as manage and control who is able to access your app.


The on-boarding module provides you with all the features you need to create that perfect welcome screen for your app, it also means there is no need for you to hard code these yourself! This module allows you to create on-boarding screens for first time users or screens that you want displayed at every log in point. The module makes the screens configurable so they can be updated without hardcoding the screens.

News & Smart Content

Most good apps need some form of content, be it news or stories etc. Use the NEWS feature to publish content. You can feature particular news and include images, links to video with varying call to actions.

We designed and built a content publishing engine for AOTOMOT’s as an end user CMS which has the smarts to send out location based messaging, add rich media content and also the ability to manage multiple applications from a fully configureable licensing manager as an admin portal.

Alerts & Notifications

Provides your app the functionality to send alerts and push notifications straight to users. You can bring attention to the news or content you just published by activating “Send Push Notification”.

Push notifications are basically text messages that you can send to your application users. Apps do not need to be open for push notifications to be received.


This module lets you create a gallery in your app. It also allows app users to submit their own photographs . Users submitting photos are automatically collected in the ‘pending’ section section of the module and once you approve, these images are published in their gallery.

What's next?

Mobiddiction continues to support Aotomot. Next we’ll be working with their team launch a range of new modules for the platform and a suite of digital products. Both team continue to work collaboratively and build great digital experiences!

Check out Aotomot yourself!

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