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Location Beacons

Commercialising Captive Portal

Metricon consulted Mobiddiction to deliver a captive portal solution for Metricon Stadium. The solution would integrate brand sponsors into their Wi-Fi program.

“We’re deepening the relationship between ourselves, our partners and our patrons for a richer overall experience. This will not only bring in new customers but also create new revenue streams.”


– Paul Pamenter, COO, Gold Coast Suns Football Club


Create a Captive Portal based on branding and customer journey requirements provided by Metricon Stadium.
Deploy a Captive Portal solution to allow regular content publishing of advertiser content.
Load Testing of the solution to handle 20,000 concurrent sessions.


  • Enables access to instant replays of match footage for richer viewing experience.
  • Enables organisers to connect directly with its customer base.
  • Offers personalised content for added value and new revenue streams.
  • Can collect personal data and encourage ticket sales through customised discounts and offers.

Try it for yourself!


Next time you’re at Metricon Stadium, connect to their Captive Wi-Fi and enrich your stadium experience.


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