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User Experience

As experts we believe our design practices must have a defined and consistent process. This helps us to understand your business’s strategic intent and what you’re trying to achieve. The real goal is to provide your customer with the most ideal user experience(UX) and deliver measurable outcomes for you.

Consistent Multi-Channel User Experience(UX)




How we work with you

A lot of work and thought goes into our design thinking process. As user habits continually evolve at a rapid pace, we place focus on a strategic business vision using a consumer lens.  At Mobiddiction we believe a lean and continuous improvement methodology is imperative to understanding the value our design would add to your customer. By using previous analytics, evaluating your current user experience(UX) channels and conducing a tech audit – our team is able to conduct a deeper diagnosis of your user experience needs.


Workshops facilitated by Mobiddiction are a deep dive into understanding “What matters” to all participants and also helps with building an overall view of the pain points for your customers.

Lean User Experience (UX) Approach

There are a number of factors businesses must consider when looking to meet digital objectives. There are different ways to go about building these digital processes, such as thinking of the choice of technology and Mobiddiction offers expert consultation to review and assess the feasibility of your individual business case. This is not just a “fault finding” exercise but we aim to assist in reviewing your service from a best practice perspective and provide you with honest feedback. Whether it’s a design review, customer expereice analysis or tech audit, a second pair of eyes is just what’s needed to ensure a richer all-round experience.

Customer Journey Mapping

To create the ultimate customer experience, it’s important to visualise how a user interacts with a product. That is why we emphasise user journey mapping, as it allows designers to see from the users point of view.

Putting together all the information you have, our team is able to sketch a journey in a format of step-by-step interaction allowing for a more user-centric approach to design, which will ultimately lead to a better User Experience. We workshop with key stakeholders to understand and identify ‘Key Customer States’. This allows us to visualise a consumers’ relationship with your brand over time.


We believe in working collaboratively to ensure involving people with distinct background and mindsets in the design process to achieve non-linear solutions for different problems.

Benefits of Collaborative User Experience(UX):

  • Shared ownership of a projects.
  • Real team building, bringing together a group of people with a common mission.
  • By enabling innovation processes you’re ensuring business value.


We use a number of top industry-standard tools and platforms to ensure we are delivering the best customer experiences.

Rapid Prototyping in Invision

Test Distribution via Fabric (also measures performance for apps)


Base Design Architecture using Sketch






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