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Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced updates to developer guidelines for the App Store. We’ve put together a roundup of the 3 updates to App Store Guidelines we think are crucial for you to know.


Why do I need to know this now?

According to Apple, you must ensure that new apps and app updates that are submitted to the App Store must follow the new guidelines by early 2021.

What do I need to know?

The app store review guidelines are there to help app developers and businesses sail through the App Review process. The new changes are mostly in response to the backlash against use of data, as well as advertising transparency.

Other changes include clarification about the promotion of certain substances. The new guidelines outline that no apps should encourage “consumption of tobacco and vape products, illegal drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol.”

Apple has also included a requirement that all app developers must submit a detailed and accurate privacy document when submitting apps.

“Customers should know what they’re getting when they download or buy your app, so make sure all your app metadata, including privacy information, your app description, screenshots, and previews accurately reflect the app’s core experience and remember to keep them up-to-date with new versions.”

The Updates

1)Describing How Your App Uses Data

This update requires thorough information about your app’s privacy practices in App Store Connect. Also, if you use third-party code (like analytics SDKs) you will have to explain and describe the data that this third-party code collects. You will also have to explain how that data is used and if the data will be used in any way to track users.

This information must be shared on your app’s product page and is important so that users can know about the data types your app may collect, and whether the information is used to track them or is linked to their identity or device.

2)Asking Permission To Track

The new updates will require App developers to get user’s permission to track them or access their device’s advertising identifier. Starting with iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5, and tvOS 14.5, this will be done through the AppTrackingTransparency framework will now prompt users when apps want to access advertising identifiers on Apple’s operating systems.

“Tracking refers to the act of linking user or device data collected from your app with user or device data collected from other companies’ apps, websites, or offline properties for targeted advertising or advertising measurement purposes.

You can provide users with an explanation as to why you would like permission to track them, so long as you are being transparent about your use of their data in that explanation.

3)Private Click Measurement

Another update coming soon will see Apple also be adding support for Private Click Measurement (PCM) for iOS and iPadOS apps, in addition to websites. This means advertising networks can now measure the effectiveness of advertisement clicks within iOS or iPadOS apps that navigate to a website.

The introduction of PCM means you can now get information that will help you better understand which adverts are driving conversions but also maintaining the privacy of your application’s users.

As a Mobi client, there is no need for you to stress as we will be making sure to implement these guidelines in any application we develop for you. However, if you would like some more information, Apple has put together a step-by-step guide that you can find here.

If you have any concerns or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our tech support team.

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