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Mobiddiction’s CEO, Mike Vasavada, recently gave a master class on the journey of start-ups for The Studio AU Founders’ Program.


The Studio Founders’ Program is a guided program that aims to equip attendees with essential entrepreneurial skills and fill knowledge gaps for existing founders.

Titled, ‘Roadmap to Start-ups’, Mike shared 6 Start Up Key Stages for anyone thinking of heading down the start-up road.


1. Ideate

This is where is all begins. Whether an idea you’ve been working on for a while or a new idea that sparks that confidence you need to bring your idea to life.

2. Formulate

Now that you’ve got your idea, you need to make it makes sense. Being able to articulate your vision is really important so make sure to documents the idea thoroughly.

3. Design

Whether it’s designing the prototype or product design, the design stage is where you get to think deeper. Identify, clarify, and bring your idea to reality.

4. Develop

At this stage, it is important that you take your time to carefully and realistically plan out how you are going to develop your idea. It is crucial to understand just how long and how much effort it is going to take from idea to market.

5. Launch

This is where it gets exciting! Launching your idea to the public or end user/consumer is nerve wrecking but mostly exciting. Make sure to consider things like legalities and support etc.

6. Grow

Stage 6 is also supposed to be thought about from Stage 2. Growth is a crucial part of a start-ups journey so you should already have worked out a time period for ironing out bugs and inefficiencies. You also need acquisition, retention and growth plans that you will build upon as time goes on. Remember, commercialising something takes time so don’t rush it.


And there you have it, a 6-stage roadmap to start-up success! If you are someone with an idea or just want to run something past the experts, Team Mobi is always available for a chat so get in touch today.

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