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The journey of exploring your brand and ensuring it personifies who you are, is a big and daunting one. Earlier this year we started on this journey…

Like most things we do, it all started off with a brainstorm, one with a goal to encapsulate our vision into one clear statement. This took us back to 2010 and why we started this organisation, we knew mobile was going to big but it wasn’t just about mobile phones it’s about mobility as a technology platform.

It’s about the freedom it gives you to connect & explore.

We saw a gap within the Australian & Global market for a Marketing & Technology consultancy focussed on helping business create mobility-based products and programmes. Most companies we came across in the space were either very technical or very analytical, we felt they missed the magic of creativity and marketing.

Ambitiously we always talk about being the team that “personfies technology, creating a little magic”, we wanted to be part of “shaping the way we live, learn and play”!


As this all started to become clear and before we started blowing our own trumpet our first step was to carry out a litmus test with our own team. We asked them all to describe us in 3 words and use another 3 words to share who they want us to be.

If you’ve looked at our photos we’ve got a really diverse bunch of people working here, coming from many different disciplines and ethnicities, so you can imagine when reviewing the submissions well they were diverse ;). No doubt we found out that we had a lot of work to do internally to believe in our vision but amazingly looking through all their responses there was a common theme. Our desire to explore and connect through technology. One they admired and one they all shared with us.

IMG_9595After much banter, discussion and a few beers we landed on four functional brand pillars to clearly understand what defines and differentiates us, a core archetype that best fits our personality and a word we believe captured the essence of who we are “Move”.

Why Move?

Both in a literal and emotional sense the word ‘Move’ means alot to us at Mobiddiction. It’s the word we continuously use to evaluate what we deliver for clients because we believe it sums up better than anything else, the way technology is influencing everyday life.

We’re all moving at break neck speeds, consuming content on the go, we have more choice than ever before and want to make choices now, not tomorrow.

Sure this is a bit of generalization but there’s no question peoples desire and want for more via technology has become an addiction. Is it healthy, probably not! Is there a cure? Well yes and no – businesses and brands need to feed/fuel peoples addiction; they need to give their customers what they want, where and how they want it, else someone else will.

No question, the pressure is on businesses to keep pace with their customers and that’s where we come in……

We create experiences that move business.
We create experiences that move people.
We create experiences that move emotion.

And it’s from this thinking that M-Box our new brand identity was born, a multifaceted lens that we apply to everything we do. A way for us to communicate and question everything we do through our essence of “creating experiences that move business and people”.

We’re commited to making “Move” more than just a tagline but more of an index for us that we can always use to ensure the work we produce moves the business we are delivering it for, technologically moves a business into the next gear and creatively moves the customer by allowing them to have a deeper engagement with the brand.

The journey is an ongoing one but we’re proud to have made a start on developing a platform that encapsulates our vision and our people.

As we see it, we’re not looking to change the world just the way people choose to explore it.

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