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Mobiddiction Director, Mike Vasavada, attended the exclusive LivePerson dinner last night.

Held at the eloquent and fashionable QUAY at Circular Quay, the dinner drew a mixed crowd of marketing, technology and digital agency executives. Everyone  gathered to hear ex-Global Head of Amazon Alexa, and new Chief Technology Officer of LivePerson, Alex Spinelli, speak about the latest trends in conversational commerce.

Kicking off the event was James Lund before a jet lagged Spinelli took to the stage with a bold declaration –  the time of website and apps is basically over. Whilst Mike doesn’t exactly agree with this, he does see the benefit in discussing the role automation, AI, voice and messaging economy have to play as a channel of engagement on the digital stage.

A great opportunity to network and mingle with people from different industries, the dinner was also a good opportunity to explore the future. Driverless cars, AI, robotics, natural language understanding (NLU) and machine learning – all relevant topics to stay tuned in to.

This is especially true with regards to businesses and brands who will need to adapt to digital channels to solve strategic, micro-customer service issues and new marketing end points, they can no longer just rely on websites as their epicentre. As shopping carts and chats are are now happening directly through various interaction channels.

The key takeaway from the night for Mike was “be there before your customers get there”. This ties in with Spinelli’s discussion on how conversational AI solutions are powering customer journeys for the world’s leading brands.

Combining innovative discussions with the world’s best harbour views always makes for a winning evening. A huge thank you to the courtesy and warmth of the team at LivePerson.

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