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Smart, Secure and Simple business incident manager

The Mobiconnect™ Incident Manager allows your businesses to record incidents at your workplace – be it a warehouse, factory, or your office the simple to use interface allows your team to capture and report incidents easily from various locations for you to manage centrally online.

Manage all

Create users, teams and incident types

Create users and teams who can report incidents from the easy-to-use interface. Admins can create custom incident types that fit your business. You can create labels such as “major, minor, accident etc” and use these custom tags when creating incidents.

Add your reviewers

Easy workflow with My Review

When users capture incidents, they can add reviewers from the system who need to be review the incident such as your HR manager, or warehouse in charge or your first-aid officer. This is available under the “My review” feature.

My Incidents capture

You are able to capture incidents and before you finalise them save them as drafts in case you are waiting on more information or need time to finalise. An optional email

Location capture

Integrated with Maps, auto date and time stamps

The incident manager is integrated with Google maps for easily searching the location of the incident, the tool also lets you choose the state of the incident such as pending, in review etc for further action and assign priority. The auto date and time capture makes it easy and quick to capture incidents.

Invite clients

Email notifications, comments and history

This is particularly useful where you can create folders for your clients. Imagine a real estate property owner always asking you for as the agent for statements or if you are an accounting firm, your clients BAS statements, documents such as tax returns are all stored in sync and in real-time. This creates a better process

Get the latest

Ongoing updates

We are constantly evolving our incident manager toolset and are working on many smart features that make capturing and managing incidents easy and securely stored on the cloud.

Native or hybrid mobile apps with Mobiconnect

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