Genesys SDR2021

World first under water global summit REEF 2021

The Brief

World first under water global summit REEF 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the world and businesses are unable to catch up with their teams, share new product features, engage with global teams normally done as part of yearly sales conferences, senior leadership, annual events or product launches.


A truly memorable virtual event

Global brand Genesys engaged us to use our Virt-Real platform and create a truly memorable virtual event that offered much more than standard web conferences and online meetings.

Event features


Live DJ

Performing to global audiences

Live Chat

Emoji’s & GIFs included!

Under Water Reef

Immersive views for attendees


Fully Branded Summit Experience


Real time Photo Gallery

Social engagement

Virtual Tweet Wall

Augmented Reality

AR engagement during conference

VR Theme

VR pre-conference themed tour

Multi Device

Works on Desktop, Mobile & in VR
Live chat
Polls and Q&A
Downloadable resources

We created the world first under water summit for a “truly immersive” online event.

Custom themes

The Virt Real summit platform lets us create custom themes for virtual events.

We create event branding elements for items such as the conference swag, badges and help you with ideas that can make your virtual event a memorable one and not just like another zoom call. The pre-conference time is an exciting time where in a physical conference you meet and network with your teams, clients or partners before the event. For example, we customised a Reef themed “Boat Tour” for REEF 2021.

The boat tour featured a trip on the boat at the Great Barrier Reef viewable in virtual reality (VR) mode or a desktop or mobile. The boat tour had different scenes with a conference opening video, different areas such as a diving experience at the Great Barrier Reef for attendees to literally jump into the water and experience the reef pre-conference.

All the conference presentations for REEF 2021 used the same under water theme which made it an exciting never before experience for all the attendees, literally diving virtually for a refreshing under water conference before jumping into the live DJ session for the kick-off.

REEF2021 was so different from other online events, attendees loved the live polls, chat with emojis, different rooms. The AR feature was new and we have made a big splash and have referred our partners to use this platform. It's something very special!

Such an incredible Summit, Thank you for all you and the Team did to put it together! It was a great success! All the guest speakers, the DJ, and the platform were amazing

Custom themes

VR enabled Reef Tour – Truly immersive!

REEF 2021 featured a pre-summit conference swag sent to all attendees worldwide. The swag included items such as a summit branded photo frame, beach Towel, maraca and a VR headset.

The pre-conference VR experience was used to engage the attendees prior to the conference to give them a feel of jumping on a boat, heading out to thet reef and give them a real life like diving experience at the Great Barrier Reef. The REEF 2021 experience also included finding historical facts about a few places and going for a diving experience virt-really!