The Brief

Mobiddiction: Beacons

Location Intelligence

Mobiddiction: Notifications

Relevant Notifications

Mobiddiction: Mobile

Simple User Experience

Empower the customer and
improve the experience

Harvey Norman recognised that customers needed a means to track their purchases and an app made perfect sense for customers and Harvey Norman staff.

As a customer, the moment when you buy something new is special and exciting. You want to know what’s happening and when you’ll have your purchase in your grasp. By empowering the customer with this solution, Harvey Norman staff are spending more time on the shop floor helping customers by stream-lining back of house tasks such as order questions and queries.

“Improve the customer experience by enabling Harvey Norman customers to track the status of their orders


Focus on delivering one thing well. With such breadth and depth of customer base it was important the Click & Collect app delivered a simple experience that focused on doing one thing well. The user experience needed to be simple enough for even the most technophobic of people to feel comfortable using it.

Location intelligence using beacons


Trigger based notifications


Particle animations


The experience

A clean, left to right user journey holds the customer’s hand every step of the way. A series of animated boxes notify customers at each stage of their order’s journey. From pending to packing to collect, the graphic animation assures the viewer their order is being processed – that something is happening.

Click and Collect

Try it for yourself!

With the Harvey Norman Click & Collect App, it’s never been easier to buy online and pick up in a Harvey Norman store.