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There are several features to think of when creating or building out your mobile apps. Here are the Top 5 for consideration and are often highly valued by users:

  1. Easy and Intuitive Navigation: Also called as “User experience” or UX
    A mobile app should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
    Users should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.
    This is especially important for apps that provide a lot of content or functionality.
  2. Push Notifications: The ones that ping you even if the app is not open. 
    Push notifications can help keep users engaged with an app by sending timely updates and alerts.
    This can include everything from reminders about upcoming events to new content or special promotions.
    We at Mobiddiction, use the push notifications engine a lot in our web and mobile apps. Examples are sending location based alerts for people attending the Sydney Royal EasterShow based on the event schedule or if there is a change or an update. We use geofencing so it is not sent out to the zillions of users. Find out more about the Sydney Royal Easter Show mobile app here or we use customer location or preferences to send out Shark related alerts in the SharkSmart mobile apps for iPhone and Android, find out more information about SharkSmart here.Push notifications for mobile apps

    Note that our platform Mobiconnect™ has an inbuilt function for you to use push notifications in a smart way using geo-location, or even Beacons for that matter and use our platform to manage and publish content, ie. a web admin CMS to send push notifications.

  3. Personalisation: Profile, Location, Preferences…
    Personalisation features can make users feel more connected to an app by tailoring content or functionality to their preferences.
    This can include features like recommended content, customised notifications, or personalised search results.SharkSmart app
  4. Social Integration: Connect, Share, Engage
    Social media integration can help users share their experiences with friends and family.
    This can include the ability to post updates or photos directly from the app, or to connect with other users who share similar interests.
  5. Offline Functionality: Perform tasks in low or no network areas.
    Even in the age of always-on connectivity, offline functionality can be a valuable feature for mobile apps.
    This can include the ability to access certain content or functionality even when a user is not connected to the internet.



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