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Have you ever clicked through a website or a mobile app and thought: “Wow, this is so easy to use and really pretty, and did I mention easy to use?” Well then, it means you’ve had a great User Experience and you can thank that site’s UX designer for it!


User experience is becoming increasingly important to the growth of businesses and to customer satisfaction. Luckily here at Mobiddiction, we’ve got the man with the perfect UX plan, Daniel Park who shares his four “must have” tools when creating the most effective UX design.

1.     Sketch – Design

Used to create all the wireframes and the UI design, Sketch has fast become the go-to tool for creating simple, yet stand out designs. Daniel is adamant that without Sketch, UX design wouldn’t even be a thing. Easy to use and quick to learn!

2.     InVision – Prototype

“Great for when you don’t want to code!” InVision is simple for working on prototypes of a website or app that you can then share with clients and the rest of the team for feedback.

3.     Principle – Animate

Principle helps to create and design animated and interactive user interfaces. It also helps developers know how an animation will work when active.

4.     FullStory – Review

Think you’ve got a great website but not sure how users will find it? That’s what FullStory is here for. FullStory records how the users are experiencing the product or the website. From this, you can see which pages get the most clicks and how users are using the product or website. Plus, if there are any user issues, you can improve on it ASAP.

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