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Whether you are working in an enterprise and looking to update your enterprise software, website or client login application portal or your organisation is going through a lean period of engagement, it’s most likely true that COVID-19 has currently put any technology implementation ideas on hold.

But, this does not have to be the case. I believe this is a great time to implement and test new technology so that it will be ready when life goes back to normal.

For example, if you are looking to develop and implement new tech in a physical space (like a retail outlet or stadium or function centre), or thinking of installing something, like a thermal motion sensor camera – there aren’t many customers or visitors around which means you have more time and space to implement it.

At the same time, it is no secret that the pandemic has meant high unemployment rates. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that full-time employment decreased by 220 500 and part-time employment by 373 800 earlier this year. (See the graph below)

While these stats are disheartening, it also means that many people looking for new roles. Therefore, implementing your technology during these tough times could help those who are struggling to find employment. There are also a lot of businesses that will be ready to offer you special deals, as they try to keep their businesses afloat as well. After all, we need to look after one another.



If you are worried about hiring the right people to carry out the job, working from home options has meant you now have the best talent at your fingertips. More and more companies have opened themselves up to hiring candidates remotely including Atlassian, Facebook and Google. SME’s will need to start adapting to this new normal too.

Of course, you will need to have the right security and hiring protocols in place to ensure a smooth transition for the company, as well as remote employees. To make sure this is done well, I recommend hiring a technology partner who can help.

By building new tech now, you will also be saving yourself the hassle of having to do it once the pandemic is over and life gets busy again. One thing we can agree on is that COVID-19 has brought on a rapid increase in demand for online and digital solutions. If you don’t jump on the bandwagon now, you increase the risk of paying more for suitable digital services that may up costs due to high demand. You also risk being left behind.

I’m not saying take unnecessary risks or make hasty decisions, but I do believe now is a great time to solidify our ideas and future ambitions on paper so you are ready to move forward when the time is right. It is also a perfect time for you to touch base with like-minded people on networks such as LinkedIn. There are also a ton of forums; start-up hubs and online events happening that you can attend that will certainly help with your technology goals.

So go on, build that shiny new website or get that app idea off to market! If you are a start-up or have been thinking about developing a new tech solution or app, now is the time to take advantage of the mass digital adoption and cloud solutions available.

One final tip from my end, remember that being active, keeping busy and staying fit is very important right now. So stay positive and stay safe because we will get through these uncertain times.

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Mike Vasavada Director
Mike Vasavada, hailing originally from Bangalore, India, embarked on his journey to Australia in 1999. Reminiscing about the days when he traversed the streets of Sydney in pursuit of his first job while concurrently pursuing his studies at university part-time, Mike reflects on the beginning of his professional odyssey. His initial foray into the Australian job market landed him a position at a contact centre in Chatswood, Sydney, back in 2000.

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