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You thought Team Mobi Hamsa was only our tech guru and iOS expert?

For those who know and has worked with Hamsa at Mobiddiction know about her discipline, grit and skills when it comes to tech stuff but Hamsa took on a “Digital Detox” journey recently and went on an exhilarating trip of a lifetime to the Himalaya’s and here’s what she has to share.

Travelling to Himalayas was never on the bucket list, even if it was, it was not Trek to Himalayas. With COVID and work from home I needed a good “digital detox” break and what can be better than spending the days amidst the Himalayan mountains.

Hamsa from Mobiddiction takes a digital detox journey to the Himalayas

It was the “Har Ki Doon Valley” trek and was the most beautiful 7 days with nature that I have spent in my life. There were a lot of “firsts” in this trip and what a beautiful first it ended up being. It was a very humbling experience, spending days without all the daily luxuries even as basic as electricity and turning on the hot water! The entire trek was next to Supin River, the only sound you would hear was river flowing and birds chirping.

It was truly mesmerising as I took a break from my daily taps and sounds of the mac keyboard.

It was not all rosy though, having spent so many days inside super cosy rooms and soft cushions, and not being adequately active for years there were many moments where I just wanted to give up and head back. Thanks to our trek leader and trek mates who kept me going and I kept going till the end.

I finished my trek telling the mountains – Yes, I am surely coming back again.

Way to go Hamsa!

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