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In social messaging and word of mouth. Throughout country towns and soaring metropolises. A very clear message is penetrating conversations: Customers crave exceptional experiences. When they attend shows, exhibitions and events, they want a seamless experience. They want an exchange that anticipates their needs, exceeds their expectations and makes every transaction effortless.

Placing the customer at the centre at events with digital engagement is now possible. Addressing customer needs with laser focused personalisation and relevance using innovation, is distinguishing forward-thinking businesses from laggard ones. Because winning businesses understand nurturing stellar customer experiences builds loyalty and advocacy. 

Love the Show, But Can You Help Me Find My Way Around?

Take the Sydney Royal Easter Show for example. The 12-day, iconic show is Australia’s largest ticketed event. The show receives on average 824,000 visitors each year, including 30,000 international tourists.

This year, visitors took in a whopping 7,000 displays, exploring everything from cattle, arts and crafts, to woodchopping and historical displays. Helping customers plan, navigate and engage with this vast exhibition was a challenge.  Show organisers approached Mobiddiction for a mobility technology solution.

Use Customer Insights to Enhance Customer Experience

Four years ago the Sydney Royal Easter Show organisers reached out to Mobiddiction. They wanted to implement a technology platform to help visitors enjoy the show. Customer research identified two key audiences and two very different needs:

Families said:

“Help my family and I get the best value for experience.”

…while Empty Nesters said they wanted a utility to:

“Help us plan so we can avoid what we don’t want to see.”

1. Event Companion: Your Trusted Event Planning Companion

To assist Families to receive the best value for experience at the Show, we built a digital showcase to:

  • Shows families what events and displays are available to them.
  • Offer trusted advice from the show organisers.
  • Act as a tour guide helping them navigate their way around.

For Empty Nesters our digital engagement tool helps:

  • Curate events, shows and activities.
  • Offers the ability to add items to an itinerary planner.
  • Enables visitors to engage more fully with the show based on their interests.

2. Geo-targeting for Offers and Promotions

Reaching thousands of customers who are on the go is easy with beacons. These small transmitters connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices, like smart phones. They’re ideal for events because they allow organisers to send messages to users based on their proximity to a particular beacon.

Say you’re approaching the carpark. An automated message arrives on your phone saying a spot is available in the next bay. Not only that, there’s a two for one offer for showbags just inside the gate. Better race in and grab yours!

3. Targeted Push Notifications

Segmented notifications allow organisers to send targeted messages to visitors, wherever they are, from a central dashboard.

This can be a reminder that an event the visitor planned to see is now starting – very valuable amidst the distraction and throng of crowds and activities.

“Your favourite show is scheduled to start in 15 minutes”.

Push notifications for mobile apps

This could also be a safety reminder to stay hydrated on hot days!

Visitors can be sure they won’t miss out on the events they planned to see. They can receive timely tips to stay safe and well.

Over the years, more than 250,000 visitors have used the Sydney Royal Easter Show app to enhance their experience of the Show. Since the launch of the mobility solution:

  • Visitor enjoyment has increased from 52% in 2015 to 59% in 2017.
  • The Show’s Net Promoter Score, a measurement of customer advocacy, has improved by 7 points to 23 in 2017.
  • The number of visitors who say they will return has trended upwards from 61% in 2015 to 65% in 2017.

Moving to a Platform-Based Approach

Digital transformation requires more than just automating existing processes. It requires new ways of understanding customer needs. As well as an agile approach to communicating and delivering services in the moment they are needed. Customers expect personalisation, relevance and ease of use every time they interact with a brand. That personal touch, in the form of a bespoke tour guide based on user interests, can shine through in your digital engagement channels.

Mobiconnect is a modular, secure and scalable Enterprise Grade Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service). It powers more than 20 enterprise and government client services. This award-winning solution is customisable to enhance customer experiences in stadiums, exhibitions and enterprises.

Mobiconnect engages visitors digitally and location-based technology delivers relevant and personalised value, in the moment it’s needed. Because when customers delight in an experience, they’ll be compelled to revisit again and again. And not only that, they’ll recount their incredible experience and recommend your event to friends and family for years to come. Mobiddiction is a digital solution that can ignite true brand evangelism.

About Mobiddiction

Mobiddiction is an award-winning team of Technologists, UX and UI designers, developers, strategists and project managers. We collaborate with you to design, develop and build digital solutions specific to your needs. But it’s our understanding of how technology can bring customer experiences to life that truly sets us apart from the rest.

Our award-winning Sydney Royal Easter Show app has won big, including:

The iOS app trended in the Australian App Store search and topped the charts at #2 just behind Netflix in the Entertainment category.

To find out more call (02) 9262 1363 or email us at:

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