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Wayfinding is a way to navigate from one place to another place. Indoor and Private way finding is where you do not have a Google Map or Apple Map or any other mapping solutions mostly defined as a “private” space. ie, a club, golf course, indoor venues, hospitals, malls do not have navigation inbuilt like your standard Google Maps. Hence, a custom map with custom navigation can be created with “way-finding” technology to help users navigate their way around.

Examples of this include private venues, event spaces, outdoor areas with exclusion zones, warehouses, safety routes through factories, logistics and transport warehouses with exclusion zones to avoid, hospitals, zoo, schools, malls etc, really an endless list of examples.

Wayfinding as a technology is evolving a lot over the years, mobile apps have contributed to this technology in a great way as you can access a users location as a GPS co-ordinate in real-time and provide them with real-time way-finding navigation instructions.

Mobiddiction have built several custom mapping solutions powered by our platform Mobiconnect™ and integrated mapping solutions with features such as POI’s, real time marketing offers, exclusion zones, route optimisation and planning with walking directions, itinerary and route-planning with time and distance calculations and also provide real time analytics.

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