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Today, customisation is everything for customers and we believe that should extend to websites and mobile apps as well. By leveraging the Smart Content Module in Mobiconnect for customisation and personalisation, you can truly create a unique experience that captivates individual customers.


This is where Mobiconnect’s Smart Content Module comes in.

What is the Smart Content Module?

Mobiconnect’s Smart Content Module lets you publish content in a smart way. Gone are the days of just publishing content and expecting your users is read and engage with your latest news.


With our Smart Content feature, you can publish content to a specific group of people, users within a location with a defined radius, add a category with tags associated or content that pops up when a beacon.

Using smart content, you can make your website more personal and relevant to prospects, as well as optimise the user experience – especially when it comes to mobile.


How does this work?

Smart content works by using the information stored in cookies on a user’s browser. Cookies contain information such as the user’s IP address, device type, browsing history and login details. Depending on the criteria you have set, smart content will appear when a user meets those criteria – otherwise, it will just show the default content.


Why use Smart Content?

  1. Personalisation: Smart content is a great way to personalise your website or mobile app and make it more appealing to users. In an age where people are expecting engagement that’s tailored to them – having smart content can really boost engagement and lead generation.
  2. Better Targeting: The combination of AI and the data collected by your CRM means you can create content that is really targeted towards specific groups of users.
  3. Improved ROI: Smart content offers an impressively higher ROI than static content thanks to personalisation. Most importantly the data that smart content allows you to calculate ROI accurately, is easy to collect and measure.

Smart content gives you the power to create content that is highly personalised and relevant to the person reading it, resulting in a better experience for the user, and a higher chance of conversion for you.


What can you do with Mobiconnect’s Smart Content module?

With Mobiconnect, you can create and publish geo-fenced content. This means you can target cities, suburbs or even users within a few meters. Geofencing is a location-based service in which an app or other software program uses radio frequency identification Wi-Fi, GPS, or cellular data to trigger a targeted marketing action (like an email or app notification) when a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits a virtual geographic boundary, which is known as a geofence.

You can also create content categories. For example if you share news content, it can be divided into different categories like Finance, Technology etc. Or, if you are a zoo and looking to share content your categories could include Live Shows, Special Attractions and Latest News.

Another useful feature is that you can create segments based on a user’s location. This means you can then target your content based on geo-segment. You can even send push notifications to targeted iPhones and/or Android.


Things to know:

  • Mobiconnect can be used as your customised CMS for web apps, mobile apps and web portals such as customer portals.
  • You can create your own digital admin backend
  • Using existing modules you can your front end apps such as mobile apps easily and customise it to suit your brand or product.
  • Mobiconnect is fully hosted and managed, so no hassle to worry about hosting or ongoing management
  • Mobiconnect’s smart content system lets you target notifications to a specific area and define the range of users who must see your message within a geo-fenced area.

Find out more about Mobiconnect. Get started here. 

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