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What is a custom map? when do you need way-finding?

Google Maps or Apple Maps for example do not cover areas which are private, such as a recreational resort or hotel for example. They most likely end up at the entrance of the location. This is where you need a custom map and we help you with that, our expert team creates high resolution maps for private venues and provides way-finding as an option too.

If your venue is on Google Map for example, it might be outdated and not have the high resolution details on the map for your customer such as amenities, or landscape such as buildings that have changed over time.

The other reason you need a custom map if your requirement is temporary such as an outdoor festival, outdoor event or a zoo for example where you want users to know what is around them, at that time and at the location.

You need way-finding directions that are custom to your requirement. In this example, Mobiddiction created the Sydney Royal EasterShow mobile app which has a Custom Map featuring walking distance & directions to points of interest on the map. The Map is the same input used in all media including digital, web, print and large format at the venue. We also show approximate time to events during the show as well as what’s around you when you are at the event.

The custom map also shows real time information about the events when you at the show and has an ability to send out a push notification based on your selections, relevance and location at the show as it quite a large show to get around.

Smart features also include the ability for a user to create a list of “favourites” as an itinerary. This shows in a section as a personalised plan with events pinned on the “My Plan” custom map and you are able to tweak your favourites on the go in the show map section within the app.

The custom map is also used on the website, on hard copy print material such as the flyer and promotional material and also used in large format print at the location at the kiosk.

Mobiddiction is an Australian specialist in custom maps with way-finding powered by our platform Mobiconnect. Speak to our team for a demo about how our maps can power your venue, event, locations such as hospitals, shopping, malls, outdoor and indoor recreational areas, resorts, clubs, zoo’s – the possibilities are endless.

Give your customer a great map experience. Speak to our team for a demo, we would love to hear from you.

Custom Map with Wayfinding

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