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By all accounts the recent Justin Bieber concert was amazing. What we found more interesting though was the amount of audience insight and audience understanding that was garnered through the Captive Wi-Fi Portal that we deployed on behalf of PMY and LIVE at Etihad Stadium  to gain better insights into audience behaviour and Mobile Engagement at events.

PMY Connected Stadium infographic PMY Connected Stadium infographic


A few years ago, getting to this level of insight was impossible. Now, with the greater need to stay connected, marketers can gain much better insights into audience attendance at events.

Last week, the Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017 came to a successful end. In the early stages of the event, app downloads were considerably higher than the previous year. This signalled that the event was likely to receive higher attendance than the previous year. The results were even better than expected.

We’ve blogged previously about how we’re using R Analytics to understand traffic flows and gather insights. Expect further developments shortly, and if there are any specific reports or features you’d like to see let us know.

And now for some cute pics from #myeastershow.

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