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Mobiddiction director Mike Vasavada was recently interviewed by Torrens University Australia on the importance of “Work Integrated Learning” and its relevance to businesses. Mike shared his thoughts on various topics such as the different approaches to project management, funding, managing business and relations with Government vs Enterprise and using a “Continuous Improvement” methodology in the context of a business or product delivery.

Mike also provided a series of tips on how to apply a “technology first lens” to an organisation reflecting and measuring success and failures whilst still running a business.

When I grew up it was not uncommon to study in a particular field and you often ventured into many different jobs before you actually realised where your interests were. Additionally, there was a lack of exposure or availability to technology and communication channels which made it almost impossible to have the connections that the current generations have.

It is great to see that there are a lot of training, internships programs in many organisations these days and the Australian education promotes this approach right from when you are in school. This is great so you get a hang of what it is like in the real-world, skills you need and really making the “Work Integrated Learning” model a very practical approach to education.

Mike is a proud alumni of Billy Blue School of Design at Torrens University Australia.

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